Top 10 Commission for Sales Jobs

commission for sales jobsContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Selling is a noble profession that gets too much unwarranted criticism because of a few well-worn stereotypes like used car salespersons – yes, they’re not just men anymore and the vast majority deal fairly with their customers.

Many sales representatives received all or part of their pay in commissions, which means they receive a percentage of the price paid for the product they sell. Commissions can reach the low-to-mid six-figure range when the price of the item is high and the ability to set the final price is flexible. Here are some of the top commission for sales jobs.

10. Retail Sales

retail sales

At the low end of the commissions scale but a great place to learn the sales trade is retail sales. Major appliance, television and electronics stores hire many commission salespersons and often give them a small leeway in discounting prices or adding incentives in order to make a sale. Some retail stores have switched to salary-only sales staffs but most prefer the enthusiasm and drive of commissioned sales reps.

9. Insurance


While insurance salespeople once sold just insurance policies, insurance companies now offer a variety of financial and investment policies that carry higher commissions. While commissions are lower in this field, a good insurance salesperson can do well by generating new business through new clients.

8. Automobiles


The Internet and consumer groups have helped automobile buyers become more informed on the true costs of new automobiles, so except for those who sell luxury cars, this is a field where a commission salesperson depends on quantity to boost income. Used car salespersons have more leeway in setting the price of vehicles so commissions per sale can be higher.

7. Real Estate

real estate

While the housing market is currently in a down cycle, houses are still being sold and real estate salespersons are still making commissions. These commissions are sometimes negotiable and are split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. Luxury homes generate higher commissions but are often more difficult to sell.

6. Digital Media

digital media

The high commission media sales jobs have moved from print to digital, with the best positions in areas selling ways for corporations to market their products via mobile phones and social media platforms. The field is fast-paced and requires representatives to constantly keep up with new technology, but the commissions are excellent.

5. Wholesale Products

Wholesale Products

Manufacturers assembling products buy parts and raw goods in bulk from sales reps for wholesale companies. These contracts can be lucrative when dealing with large quantities or high-ticket items. When selling commodity products like bolts and screws that have little differences in quality or price, wholesale products salespersons often win clients through personal association and entertaining.

4. Services


Many companies can no longer afford to pay staff to perform many services once done in-house – like payroll, human resources, janitorial and call centers, to name a few – so service companies are on the rise. Selling services is a good commission job for people experienced in providing those services and those commission can be lucrative for large, long-term service contracts.

3. Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Hospitals and health care providers are always looking for the latest medical devices and supplies to help give the best care to patients, so the need for medical device sales reps is great. Many of these high-priced products must be demonstrated in operating rooms so a good rapport with doctors and no fear of blood are desired qualities.

2. Computer Software

Computer Software

Computer software salespersons must be both technical and business-oriented in order to dazzle the computer department with slick technology while showing corporate management how it will make their business more effective and profitable. Many reps move into computer software sales after working in software development and technical support.

1. Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting services companies advise corporations in virtually every aspect of business, from accounting to the zen of management. These consulting contracts can be long-term and run into the multi-millions of dollars, so sales representatives with business and management expertise are well paid in this highly competitive field.

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