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Top 10 Cool Photos of the Weather

By Editorial Staff

A list of the top ten cool photographs of the weatherContributed by Marnley Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Weather changes affect our everyday activities, moods and even our energy levels.

Some states, in specific Colorado, has the state motto of “If you don’t like the weather, look out another window or wait 5 minutes!”

Capturing dynamic weather photos is a great challenge for both the amateur and experienced photographer. Many famous photographers are known for their weather photos, and are collected by avid photography lovers.

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Here are the top ten cool photos of the weather:

10. Humidity

Humidity is one of the top ten cool photos of the weather

Humidity is probably the worse feeling in the world. It’s walking through a rainforest with no cool breeze, the cold sweat dripping down your back and the constant feeling of “sticky” weather. Although photographing in humid conditions is often unpleasant, the richness of colors and lushness of greenery is a huge bonus for the photographer. Being uncomfortable in unappealing weather makes anyone want to stay at home — except the dedicated photographer.

9. Fog

Fog is one of the top ten cool photos of the weather

Fog makes driving extremely difficult, but it doesn’t make you physically uncomfortable. Fog also makes interesting photographs, although it is challenging to get the results you want. Often photographs of foggy conditions look much different than in “real time.” Experiment with distance and shutter speed. If the morning dawns foggy and not as bright, be sure to drive with your high beams and at a slower speed than usual.

8. Dry

Dry arid conditions are one of the top ten cool weather photos of the weather

Arizonians might understand and even to some point embrace the dry desert weather. Dry weather means arid conditions and great sand formations which work well in photographs. At least it’s not humid and sticky right!? Stay hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day and continuously moisturizing your skin.

7. Clouds

Cloudy is one of the top ten cool photos of the weather

Clouds can create some of the most dramatic and interesting photographic subjects. Some of the most well known photographers used clouds to great effect, with formations that are both powerful and artistic. Clouds roll around at worse of times and are a constant pressure, telling you that it might rain. But it might not, so understand that some clouds are just there to make us “sweat” under the pressure!

6. Rain

Rain is one of the top ten cool photos of the weather

Rainy days mean: hot chocolate, comfy socks and a book by the fire. Enjoy this day and hopefully it falls on a day you don’t have to work outside! Rainy days are also a great challenge for the photographer, with moody shots and interesting lighting, or lack of lighting. Play with longer shutter settings and a tripod. Protect your camera from rain with waterproof gear.

5. Lightning

Lightning is one of the top ten cool photographs of weather

Rufus barking, the baby crying and the phone is disconnected. Bad things usually happen in three’s and thunder and lightning usually bring these things to surface. During a Thunder Storm, keep calm and stay indoors. You can photograph lightning from a safe location, keeping your camera ready for an instantaneous flash of light against a dark sky.

4. Rainbows

Rainbows are in the top ten cool weather photographs

Rainbows are the beautiful spectrums created when a ray of sunshine shines on a drop of moisture and probably one of the most beautiful gifts Mother Nature has for us. A rainbow is best photographed when the other colors in the sky are deep and not washed out, so try photographing at different times of the day. Remember – sun and rain makes rainbows, so that’s when to have your camera on hand.

3. Snow

Snow is one of the top ten cool photos of the weather

Who doesn’t just LOVE a snow day? Get your angles correct to minimize glare and the play of light on snow and ice makes awesome photographs. No school or college classes and rarely there is work to assist to if the roads are snowed in give you plenty of time for a walk outdoors with your camera. Have fun with the kids building an igloo or snowman, all while baking fresh, chocolate chip cookies!

2. Stars

Stars are in the top ten cool weather photographs

Van Gogh knew how beautiful “Starry Nights” were and one of his most known paintings is just this; swirls of blue and yellow, of stars in the night sky make for star gazing with a telescope an even better night! To photograph the night sky, you will need to understand shutter speed and use a tripod.

1. Sun

Sun is one of the top ten cool photographs of the weather

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Ask anyone and they’ll tell you sunny days remind them of childhood dreams, of beach days and of lounging in the backyard with their cousins. Sun photographs use the play of bright light with shadows, and the vibrant clear colors that the sun creates in everyday objects. Try shooting into the sun, and with the sun behind you. Sunny days are what dreams are made of, especially when on a beach! Just make sure to always wear sunscreen, especially when you are concentrating on your photography and might neglect the length of time you are in the direct sunlight.


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