fun company outingsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The majority of people nation-wide spend much of their lives working in an office setting.

Office environments will differ in the type of work being done, people employed, hours of work and layouts. However, for the most part, offices consist of men and women working in cubicles or behind closed doors for eight or nine hours of the day. Although primarily a work environment, the office can also be a fun place to hang out and get to know your co-workers well.

Consider the following top ten fun office activities to increase fun, friendliness and working productivity in your own work setting.

10. Gift exchanges

secret Santa

Many work offices do a gift exchange during major holidays such as Christmas-time. If you work in a small office setting, consider a Secret Santa exchange where employees draw names from a hat and surprise a co-worker with a gift. Alternately, employees in larger offices may pool money together to collectively buy a gift for the main manager or supervisor on their floor.

9. Holiday party

holiday party

Topping the list of fun office activities is the work office party. Plan a holiday office party at the office for Christmas and/or New Year’s. Use a large break-room to set out snacks and gifts while playing some music in the background. Some offices can keep the party theme in the office itself by adorning cubicles and walls with streamers, wall decorations and brightly-colored signs.

8. Pot-luck

pot luck dinner

Organize a pot-luck day at the office where employees each bring in a dish or dessert to share at lunch time and on coffee-break. Send out a mass email to co-workers explaining which day to bring in food and ask for a reply to all with the types of food being brought in. This will help decrease the risks of having 20 desserts and no salads!

7. Games break

games break

Games make for fun office activities that can be enjoyed by most co-workers regardless of interests and abilities. Break up the day by throwing an impromptu game of charades or even trivia late-afternoon instead of going on yet another coffee run. Getting up out of your chair for charades will keep you energized while trivia helps keep the mind alert.

6. Get outside

get outside

Mid-day walk breaks are recommended to most employees stuck inside most of the day and sitting in an office. Recruit some of your office buddies to take a daily stroll after lunch. A walk break will not only give you the chance to get to know co-workers better but exercise is also proven to boost work efficiency.

5. Win or lose

sports pool

A fun office activity to try is that of starting a money pool game amongst office staff. Such a pool can be used for hockey play-offs where each employee picks his or her favorites to win. Everyone donates money to the pool and the person’s whose top team wins in the end gets to keep the money.

4. Happy Hour

happy hour

Fun office activities can be extended beyond the office setting by making plans for after work. Gather a few colleagues to hit up a nearby pub and grill on a late Friday afternoon for beers and nachos.

3. Kids’ day

kids day

Organize one day of the month where employees bring their kids to work for half a day. Throw a mini-kids party by serving refreshments and treats such as cookies as well as healthier fare like veggies and dip. Kids will have the opportunity to see where mommy or daddy work and get to know other kids’ for future friends.

2. Pranks


A list of fun office activities wouldn’t be complete without the addition of pranks. Pranks that are humorous and lighthearted can be a fun and healthy way to lighten the mood in a hard-working environment. Keep pranks simple and small such as hiding a co-worker’s lunch, topping his desk with stacks of extra paperwork or telling him the boss wants to see him for something he forgot to do.

1. Cake day

birthday cake day

Celebrate office employees’ birthdays by designating one day each month as Birthday Day. Serve cake and drinks during a designated break and acknowledge the people who are turning a year older that month.