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A Soothing Soak: Top10 Awesome Bath Ideas for You

By Editorial Staff

The idea of enjoying a nice, relaxing bath once kept us going throughout our days. Just the thought of easing back in a steaming hot bath tub prevented us from going postal. Though it seems to be slowly fading away as the pace of life gathers speed, it’s time to revisit the ultimate method of relaxation.

A good, hot bath in and of itself will do wonders, but to really get the most out of this precious time, give a few of these top ten relaxing bath ideas a try.

10. Have Soft, Clean Towels Handy

So you’ve implemented several of the relaxing bath ideas that follow and now it’s time to (grudgingly) crawl out and face the world. Nothing will ruin the feeling of contentment you’ve worked so hard to attain; that will dry off with a scratchy, 12-grit sandpaper-like towel. Stepping out of the tub and into soft, plush towels followed by a robe, keeps the mood alive for at least a little longer.

9. Tie Up Long Hair

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If you have long, long, or even longish hair, take a minute and tie it up before you dip your toes. Wet hair stuck to your neck or back like so much goop will severely detract from the Ahhhh factor a nice bath instills.

8. Facial Mask

Now this will certainly add to the prep time, but if you’re willing and able, this takes a soothing bath up a couple of levels. Reinvigorating your mind, body and face all in one fell swoop takes multi-tasking to an all-new level. Keep in mind the facial mask you opt for needs to withstand some heat and steam from the tub. Dripping mud off your face into what was once heavenly water will put a serious dent in the proceedings.

7. Have a Hot Beverage Handy

Along the same lines as relaxing bath ideas tip #10, a bit of forethought will keep the relaxed mood the bath instilled alive a little longer. If you’re a tea drinker, a nice soothing cup of tea upon re-entry to the real world will taste like elixir. Some hot cocoa or decaf coffee are options for the non-tea drinking set. Just avoid the caffeine; bouncing off the walls after a relaxing bath is the last thing anyone wants.

6. Bubbles

Relaxation, for some, means getting your mind of the stress of work, family or whatever else eats away at us in this fast-paced world we live in. Few things on the planet puts people in a good mood faster than a warm bath full of bubbles. How do you take things too seriously when you’ve just been instantaneously transported back to the 4th grade?

5. Bathtub Pillow

When I think of relaxing bath ideas, the picture I conjure always includes laying back, eyes closed, with a small but permanent grin of contentment plastered on my face. Somehow, the porcelain rim of the bathtub isn’t quite suited to the kicking back part. If you have a comfy, waterproof pillow, this would be an ideal time to break it out. If a pillow isn’t handy, a folded-up, well-positioned towel works just as well.

4. Warm the Room

Warmth on the outside breed’s warmth on the inside. Not only does a warm bathroom supplement the comfort of warm water, this will help keep the dream alive even after you step out of the tub.

3. Candles

Mood: setting it and enjoying it—that’s what relaxing bath ideas are about. Taking a few minutes before diving in to light a few candles and then turning off the overhead lights is perfect. Now take it up a notch by using your favorite scented or herbal candles. The combination of a relaxing scent with the ambiance from the candlelight is heavenly.

2. Essence

Lavender or other essential oils in the water lend a whole new meaning to the word Ahhhh. There are the scents themselves, of course, but there are a slew of positive physical attributes that many of the oils and bath additions bring to a soothing bath too. They’re easy as can be; just a drop here or a drop there, and the upsides are too many to count.

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1. Soothing Music

You don’t have to opt for “Sounds of the Forest,” “Whales Sing the Classics of the 80’s,” or some other New Age music option to get the full benefit of this ultimate mood-setting, relaxing bath idea. Whatever you choose, as long as it’s soothing to you and not cranked up as high at the boombox will go, it’s sure to do the trick. Now lay back, relax and enjoy.


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