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Top 10 Sexiest TV Doctors

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by Reine Solomon, Info Guru

I often wonder what kind of stereotypes were attached to doctors before the emergence of modern media. It’s true, most of the doctors I know are startlingly normal individuals who, while smarter than the average person, look just the same as a regular human being.

Through the ages, television shows have provided us with our fair share of delectable doctors to drool over, but here are the top 10 sexiest TV doctors that get our blood pressure up.

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10. Dr. Luisa “Lu” Magdelena Delgado
Show: Strong Medicine
Portrayer: Rosa Blasi

Dr. Luisa Delgado devotes her time to saving the lives of those less fortunate…and she looks darn good while doing so. This character has seen plenty of dark days, but her strength and determination to survive makes her as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Sometimes, sexy doesn’t necessarily mean showing off all of your assets. Leaving more to the imagination is where true sexiness lies, which is why Dr. Delgado can get your blood pumping even when she’s wearing high collars and lab coats.

9. Dr. Christian Troy
Show: Nip/Tuck
Portrayer: Julian McMahon

Every now and then, a girl wants a man she just can’t take home to momma. Dr. Troy is just that man. He has a danger about him that is both slightly frightening and irresistible at the same time. He’s complicated, beautiful and moody; the perfect combination for a desirable bad boy who you just can’t seem to get enough of.

8. Dr. Addison Montgomery
Show: Private Pracrtice
Portrayer: Kate Walsh

A woman with a bit of neuroses can be endearing…but if that woman with neuroses happens to have bright red hair, stunning blue eyes and the figure of a supermodel, she automatically becomes a certified knock out. Dr. Montgomery’s natural beauty is only enhanced by her ingenious facial expressions. From the way she arches an eyebrow to scrutinize a lowly, hospital intern or the sweet smile she flashes to charm difficult patients, this woman knows exactly how to get what she wants.

7. Dr. Sam Bennett (aka Dr. Feel Good)
Show: Private Practice
Portrayer: Taye Diggs

There are certain men who you don’t have to see shirtless to know they look good without their shirt on. Take Dr. Sam Bennett for example. His well-chiseled muscles are distractingly easy to see through his designer shirts. Combine his to-die-for abs with his amazing smile and you’ve got a recipe for weak knees. He’s kind of cocky, like most male TV doctors, but his million dollar smile and male model good looks magically turns cockiness into sexy confidence.

6. Dr. Dana Scully
Show: X-Files
Portrayer: Gillian Anderson

It’s a known fact that women who are smart have an innate attractiveness about them…but mix intelligence with a gun and you’ve got a double whammy of bona fide sexiness. Her wardrobe was made up of perfectly pressed power suits and her demeanor was always cool and collected, regardless of the freaky adventures she was embarking on with her loose cannon of a partner. Aside from her intelligence, sexily conservative wardrobe and smooth demeanor, she draws you in with piercing blue eyes, flame red hair and a terrific, hourglass figure.

5. Dr. Mark Sloan (aka “McSteamy”)
Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Portrayer: Eric Dane

This devilishly delicious plastic surgeon made such an impression on the staff of Seattle Grace, they felt the need to immediately bestow a new, very fitting nickname upon him. Behold…McSteamy. This name derives from his steaming hot good looks and the fact that, in his first appearance in Grey’s Anatomy, he was seen stitching a wound on his own face. Kinda gross…but really hot at the same time. Due to his wandering eye and emotional issues, he doesn’t really have long term potential, but his boyish charm sure does make him a tempting prospect.

4. Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley
Show: House
Portrayer: Olivia Wilde

If you were to ever have a doctor this good looking enter your hospital room, you’d probably feel the need to check the room for cameras to be sure you’re not on Candid Camera because she is simply too good looking to have a regular profession. Remy Hadley is the closest to supermodel you can get without stepping into a fashion show. Her lithe figure, high cheekbones and mysterious eyes makes her sexiness distracting for co workers and patients alike.

3. Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka “McDreamy”)
Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Portrayer: Patrick Dempsey

Not many men can fill out a pair of scrubs the way McDreamy can. This brilliant brain surgeon is the reason why the doctors at Seattle Grace felt the need to even come up with “Mc-” names for their resident hotties, so it’s no wonder he’s so high on this list. With his soulful eyes, great hair, and sweet, soothing voice, he’s a modern day prince charming…only instead of a crown, he has a scalpel.

2. Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens
Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Portrayer: Katherine Heigl

Doctor Isobel “Izzie” Stevens is as smart as she is beautiful, and she has the photo spread to prove it! She paid her way through medical school by modeling underwear, and the fact that she’s free from the debt of six figure student loans makes her even more appealing. Even though she can be overly emotional and a bit too sensitive at times, her mile long legs and bombshell good looks easily overshadow any emotional baggage you might have to deal with. What could be better than a real-life pin up who can save your life and out wit you in the same day?

1. Dr. Doug Ross
Show: ER
Portrayer: George Clooney

What’s better than a good looking doctor? A good looking doctor who is great with children! Not only does this pediatrician have universally appealing good looks, but he could charm the pants off of virtually anyone…and usually does. Just one look at his sly smile and his twinkling brown eyes is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Despite the fact that Dr. Ross is a perpetual womanizer, women still wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get “treated” by this modern day Casanova.

Honorable mention: Meredith Grey, Luka Kovac, Alex Karev, Greg Pratt and Jack Shephard.

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