Top 10 Spots for a Destination Wedding

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destination weddings

If you are considering getting hitched soon then you have probably considered where you want to do it.

If you have been thinking about a destination wedding then perhaps you should peruse this list of the top ten spots for a destination wedding for some inspiration.

10. Jamaica

Jamaica has long been a favorite choice of those seeking an exotic destination for their nuptials. In fact, something a destination wedding cottage industry has sprung up in Jamaica, with many resorts and hotels offering all-inclusive destination wedding packages.

9. Aruba

Aruba is an island in the Dutch Caribbean that is know for the softness of the sand on its beaches. That makes it a great place to invite your friends and family for a bare-foot wedding celebration on the beach!

8. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great wedding destination because not only is it convenient to those living in the continental United States, but it is also part of the United States. This will save the wedding party the hassle of having to prepare passports and other travel documents. All the while providing the experience of a Caribbean beach wedding.

7. St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a U.S. Virgin Island that is home to many resorts and hotels offering full-service wedding packages. St. Thomas has miles and miles of beautiful coastline where you and lover can tie the knot.

6. Hawaii

hawaii wedding

For the most part Hawaii can be said to offer much of what these other destinations can: beautiful beaches, flora and sparkling water, a unique history, all of which will make your special day glisten like a diamond. What makes Hawaii truly special (as far as destination weddings go) is that you can get married in front of a real volcano! Imagine how cool the pictures would be!

5. Iceland

If you find the thought of getting married in front of a volcano a bit too frightening, then perhaps you might be interested in having your special day in Iceland. There you can get married at several interesting locations such as a waterfall or an ancient church. There is even a service there that will hold you wedding on horseback!

4. St. Lucia

st lucia wedding

In Saint Lucia you really have your pick when it comes to great wedding sites. Beaches, mountains, and tropical resorts abound in this Dutch West Indian paradise. St. Lucia also has a unique cuisine which utilizes elements of Indian, Caribbean and English cooking, so maybe consider some local catering!

3. Mexico

Mexico is great option for those who do not want to take long boat or plane rides to their wedding. Mexico has the kind of beautiful beaches and exotic scenery that makes destination weddings great, along with some great culture and food to enjoy before and after the ceremony.

2. Sanibel Island

sanibel island wedding

Florida has a lot of great spots for a wedding, but none better than Sanibel Island. Sanibel is a tiny island off the coast of Ft. Meyers beach and is considered one of the best in America.

1. St. Croix

In St. Croix you can choose to get married on the beach, on a boat, or at one of the many luxury resorts offering full-service wedding packages. St. Croix is known as one of the best values in destination weddings with rooms at top resorts starting well under three hundred dollars a night.

The great thing about the destinations in out Top Ten Spots for a Destination wedding list is that there is no bad time to go! With year-round beautiful weather and a fantastic choice of locations, any of these destinations would be a fantastic place to tie the knot.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow

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