things to buy for a new homeContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

After all the negotiating and paper work clears, the home you fell in love with is yours.

It may take some time to move in and feel like it’s really your corner of the world. Before you start on any major improvement projects there’s a few key things to buy for a new home.

These top ten home essentials will start you off right.

10. Garbage cans

garbage cans

If you don’t have large garbage cans to hold your trash and recycling, get a few that lock. This will keep any unknown neighborhood dogs, raccoons or other animals from digging in and making a mess. Plus they help you stay organized right from the start, and you won’t have any old trash making your new home smell funny. Call the local municipality to find out when to wheel them out for trash days.

9. Bath towels

bath towels

A new home means a new shower and that calls for fluffy new towels. The worn towels can come, too, if you want. Unpacking is hard work, and at the end of the day you deserve to wrap yourself in a luxurious towels. While you’re in the bath section, pick up a bath rug and shower mat.

8. Vacuum


Moving is a dirty job. All those boxes and shoes will track dirt all over, which isn’t a problem if you have a good HEPA filter vacuum. Clean as you go so the mess doesn’t drive you nuts. In addition to your own dust, the previous owners may have had pets all too happy to leave some of their fur behind.

7. Lawnmower


A big selling point of homes is the lawn, the gorgeous, green well-manicured lawn. Unless you plan to hire a company to do it for you, a lawnmower goes with things to buy for a new home. It’ll keep the lawn nice and the neighbors from giving you the stink eye. A push mower can do if the lawn is very small, but if you can afford a riding mower, you’ll thank yourself every time you use it.

6. Tool box with basic tools

tool box

You don’t have to be super handy to manage basic odds and ends around the home as long as you have some essential home tools. A hammer, screw drivers, wrench, measuring tape, razor cutter, pliers and flashlight are all good to have on hand. Simple projects like hanging curtains and tightening light switch covers can be taken care of in moments.

5. Curtains or blinds

curtains and blinds

From the very first night you’ll feel exposed without something to cover your windows. Choose from shutters, curtains, blinds and all of the variations in between. Measure your windows before you go shopping so you only have to make the trip twice. When making decisions, consider the colors you plan to paint the walls and use in the décor.

4. Pantry staples

Cafe Britt gourmet coffee

Eating pizza or Chinese takeout on the first night is part of the fun, but pretty soon you’ll probably want a home-cooked meal. Stock up on basic pantry staples including cooking oils, dried pasta, rice, seasonings, crackers, cereal and excellent coffee. Fuel the nesting party!

3. Natural cleaning supplies

natural cleaning supplies

Natural cleaning supplies are healthy things to buy for a new home. It’s a fresh start after all so why fill the space with toxins. Make your own supplies or purchase them from an eco-friendly home store. Make a shopping list including glass, floor, oven and all-purpose cleaner and natural fiber sponges.

2. Keys and locks

keys and locks

It’s always a good idea to change all of the exterior locks when you move in. Don’t assume there’s not a few stray keys out in the world, perhaps even with a neighbor. Once you switch the locks, add another layer of protection with dead bolts. Save money by removing the actual locks and asking a hardware store to re-key them.

1. Grill


Backyard grilling opens up plenty of opportunities to enjoy your new outdoor space, and invite the neighbors over. If you don’t have a patio or deck, you can still set up a simple outdoor table with come chairs. Turn on some music, open a bottle of wine and toast the future.