Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Time drags when you have nothing to do. The challenge is to come up with things to do when you are bored.

Here is a list of the top ten things I can think of to do when boredom hits. Try one or more, before you know it, you’ll be busy and occupied.

10. Crevices

Clean the dirt out of crevices, any crevice, using a toothpick. Then move on to cleaning the dirt out from under your fingernails and toenails, using a toothpick, a clean one (you will go through several toothpicks so have several on hand) and onto the grout between the tiles on the kitchen counter and proceed to your computer mouse. I mean, look at it. It’s gross! Crevice options are endless. You might find yourself hooked and not want to stop.

9. Get rid of gray

Pick the gray hairs out of your head. No, it’s not going to make a dozen grow back in place of the one that you pulled out. Stand in a place where natural light is prevalent and oh my God, you will see those shiny silvery devils popping out all over the place.

8. Sleep

Sleep is always good. Get up, sip some water, lake a leak, and then sleep some more. Did you know that people who suffer from hypersomnia (sleep too much) die sooner? Just my luck. Of course hypersomniacs shouldn’t care all that much since we are so good at sleeping and then sleeping some more and isn’t that what death is all about?

7. Refrigerator

Clean out your refrigerator. Okay, I heard you. You’re never THAT bored; can’t say that I’ve ever been either. However, you will be proud of yourself once you are done and delighted when your family and friends don’t visibly recoil when they open the frig. If you get bored during the process, crumble up in a heap on the kitchen floor close to the frig and tell your spouse or whoever is the next person through the front door that you fear you can’t go on. You have been poisoned by some unidentifiable object that was in the crisper drawer. They will have to finish it up. Throw in some convincing coughs. Gag. Hold your stomach, your head, and go to bed.

6. Closets

Clean out your closet. Okay, this isn’t as unappealing as dealing with rotted, moldy, stinky months old food, but it’s still not something most of us look forward to doing. However, think about it this way: You may find a choice piece of clothing that you’ve always loved but misplaced (in your closet) and can now wear it with pride, until you lose it in the nether regions of your closet once again.

5. Voodoo

Make a voodoo doll of Cathy Sue. This will kill some time, and you may find that your teenage angst translates into quite a wicked looking Cathy Sue. Anger is good for creativity. Do I see smoke coming out of your ears? Make Cathy Sue fat, very fat, and very ugly.

4. Yearbook memories

Look at your high school yearbooks. This will either be a lovely trip down memory lane or fuel years’ old rivalries and grudges, and you can spend the rest of the day hissing and spewing and re-experiencing pains and wounds from days of yore, wondering why Cathy Sue always got the lead in the class play and how she managed to steal the love of your life during your junior year when you were obviously much nicer? And why was it her picture was on virtually every page in the damned yearbook? Oh, that’s right. She was the editor of the yearbook.

3. Floss

You know you don’t do it often enough. Your dentist will be proud.

2. Clean your purse

Oh, come on! You know you have to do it sooner or later, especially if you have an upcoming date at the airport. They’re going to go through your stuff. Do you really want them to get their hand stuck in melted gum? That’s really special particularly when the gum is mixed with tobacco and a sticky Tootsie roll that has come unwrapped. Your mother will be proud. Airport security will be relieved.

1. Dryer excavation

Get a wire clothes hanger and sweep it under your clothes dryer. You may find money, lots of it. I once found nine dollars in change under my dryer. Not only will this break up the boredom and monotony of your day, but you’ll be nouveau riche!