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Top 10 Tips for Plus Size Women

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten tips for plus size womenContributed by Rosemary O’Brien, Top 10 Guru

Have you noticed things are bigger these days?

In this plus-sized world, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and catering to the larger population.

From clothing to beauty products to home furnishings, here are a few tips for plus size women.

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10. Stock your bathroom with oversized towels

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

There is no need to use a postage-stamp-sized bath towel after you shower anymore. Look for large and luxurious towels, like an oversize bath sheet. Find one that’s big enough to wrap around you comfortably and look fabulous in the process of primping after shower.

9. Look for fun and funky plus size clothing

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Don’t wear baggy clothes just because you’re big. Clothing designers are designing for the larger form and coming up with the coolest clothing. Take the time to find stylish slacks, trendy tailored tunics and dresses that cover what you want covered and elongate your body in the process. The goal is to buy what makes you look stylish without looking like a baggy raisin.

8. Purchase the correct size

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Wearing the correct size, even if it’s a larger size, is crucial to looking slimmer. Yes! I said that and it’s true according to a number of designers and fashion experts. This is one of the most important tips for plus size women. Make yourself look smaller by wearing bigger clothing, not by squeezing yourself into a size that is too small. Whether you are in the market for a flattering swimdress that covers the tops of your thighs or a tailored linen suit for a job interview or business lunch, make sure you are buying what fits and flatters.

7. Wear the right undergarments

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Being beautiful under your clothes makes you feel like a million bucks. A frilly pair of panties or a stunning bra sets the tone for your day and is a sassy confidence-builder for your wardrobe even if no one else can see it. Try different colors, like red, or add some lacey something. No one but you will know why, but you will definitely feel, and look, more in command.

6. Take care of your skin

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Models and movie stars all have great skin because they are in on the secret. Take care of your skin and everything you put on it will look great. This moisturize and pamper every inch of your body, using scented soaps, body butter and cosmetics formulated specifically for your skin type. Taking care of yourself should make you feel like you walked out of a spa every single day. With silky skin, who can go wrong with the outfit?

5. Pamper your senses

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Any list of tips for treating yourself well has to include scent and aromatherapy. Experts say it sets the tone for your day, can change a mood and even make you feel better if you’re in a funk. Lavender water can be used to rinse your lingerie or sheets or even just sprayed into the air with a spritz bottle. Try a drop or two on your pillow at night to relax yourself into Dreamland.

4. Choose a signature fragrance

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Fragrance for the body has been used since the beginning of time, or so they say. I can’t leave the house without a spray of something on my pulse points or my neck. A perfume with classic fragrance notes is a wonderful way to express your confidence when you enter a room – and leave a note when you breeze out.

3. Pay special attention your ‘do

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Many people think if you have a good hairstyle, the rest will follow. Your hair should balance and compliment your body size and height. Consult a good hair stylist. Look at yourself with a critical and honest eye, from all sides. You don’t have to get a haircut to make a change or experiment with color, shape and length. Versatility is one of the side benefits of using a wig or hairpiece. You can change the color and cut simply by using a wig or a hairpiece. Opt for a style that is short, sassy and slimming instead of hiding behind long drab locks. Be brave with bold color. Who says blondes have more fun? Then again, if you want to find out who has more fun, feel free to choose a blonde wig!

2. Be passionate about a hobby

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

Hobbies are a great way to “get away” from your daily life for a while. In the process, you can produce something fun that you can use. To get an idea of what might float your boat, take a look at different crafting books. A great resource like The Bead Jewelery Bible will show you how to make cool necklaces or maybe a pair of dangling earrings to go with your non-raisin-like outfit (see #9). Hobbies make every woman more interesting, more energetic and happier.

1. Reading is good

One of the top ten tips for plus size women

If you get anything out of this article it should be that the inside is as important as the outside. So one of my favorite tips for plus size women is to take a break from everything. Plop on the couch or on a beach somewhere and feed your brain with a good book. Even a comic book enhances the old brain cells. Try Sacred Evil by Heather Graham for a delightfully mysterious escape. Join a book club, hang out at the library, cultivate friendships with people who love books too.

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So whether it’s dressing to impress, beautifying your body or stimulating your mind, the best tips for plus size women come from doing the best you can to make yourself happy. Be happy about yourself, and everything else will follow!


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