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Top 10 Uniforms for Work

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by Denise McGill, Info Guru

Ahhh, the uniformity of uniforms. They often identify the wearer as a member of an elite group.

What could be more prestigious than the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace? However, on a day-to-day basis, businesses have selected uniforms to build brand recognition. Companies such as the hospitality industry may require employees to wear tees with a logo insignia to easily identify them at a glance. Guests never have to question who to turn to for help.

With uniforms such a standard in the workforce today, here is a lighthearted look at a list of Top 10 jobs that require a uniform.

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10. Crossing Guard

Let’s face it, bright yellow, lime green or orange tees and vests are a necessity for anyone who walks out into traffic. High visibility safety apparel is essential for crossing guards, road crews, flagmen and many other hazardous professions where traffic is a real danger.

9. Bell hop

The bellhop has one of the most unmistakable (and highly decorative) uniform of all jobs that require a uniform. White gloves, distinctive cap, a button down jacket and shiny black dress shoes are the attire of the employee that gets the job done. Anyone thinking Wizard of Oz?

8. Security

Security is serious business and what better way to identify someone in charge of the safety of property and persons than with a security uniform that means business. Someone in a no-nonsense sport coat, suit or jacket with tie and crisp white shirt assures nothing will get past him or her.

7. Housekeeping

There is nothing better to see than an employee roaming the halls with this housekeeping uniform. You know it means crisp linens on your hotel room bed and fresh towels every morning. (Uhhmm, could you leave a few more towels though.)

6. Chef

Oops, looks like the soufflé flopped. What do chefs wear, in addition to an apron? The infamous chef’s apparel – a white chef’s hat and white uniform – scream, “My kitchen is a clean kitchen!”

5. Pilot

You can easily identify the pilots in any busy airport. Their uniforms just have the professional look of distinction, but is she reading the owner’s manual?

4. Police

As a symbol of trust and safety, the public instantly recognizes the police uniform and tactical clothing. In blue shirt and slacks, officers keep streets secure. However to keep the streets clean, this officer will need a pooper-scooper for his trusted partner.

No if he or she is undercover… well, that requires a whole different kind of uniform! Odds are that shopping is done more in thrift stores and tag sales than online catalogs or mall stores!

3. Firefighter

Rugged, fire resistant uniforms keep firefighters safe and easy to identify when there is smoke in the neighborhood. The axe is part of the standard uniform too.

When they’re off-duty, firefighters can usually be spotted because of a different kind of uniform… a large pick-up truck, usually red or black. The standard vehicle uniform, apparently!

2. Nurse

Hospital scrubs have come a long way! This nurse’s scrub jacket has a Bambi frolicking among the flowers pattern. Maybe children won’t cry when the nurse arrives with the needle. Almost all medical personnel – doctors, technicians, nurses, therapists – wear some type of medical apparel. Often, specific colors indicate job function at a medical facility.

1. Military

All kidding aside, the #1 uniform belongs to the military. Of all the jobs that require uniforms, these brave men and women are second to none in service. These uniforms are a proud symbol of duty and honor.

Many jobs, especially civil service and military positions, include the uniforms that employees are expected to wear. Others require that workers purchase their own uniforms for work.

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