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Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Guys

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Some men are impossible to shop for! Boyfriend or husband, they always either have everything, completely blank and forget to send you their wish list, or they insist that they’re happy with nothing at all – as if that’s an option. Impossible, the lot of them. Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or an anniversary don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

For the average guy, the easy gifts like clothing, cologne, or gift cards are always a safe bet. This year, take your gift-giving up a notch by giving the guys in your life something they’ll actually like and use. Get inspired by a favorite hobby or pastime, such as electronics, sports equipment, or cigars. Here are ten unique gift ideas to make the men on your list light up.

1. Camping Equipment

Have an outdoorsman on your list? Camping equipment makes a great gift! There is a huge selection of general camping equipment you can choose from for the weekend warrior like Zero Gravity Recliners, coolers, camp grills, and more. If you have an avid outdoorsman, there are Trail Cameras and a whole host of gear for the fisher, hunter, or boatman in your life. 

2. Bow and arrows

Archery is a great outdoor hobby to get into, and there are plenty of unique gifts to get your man started if he isn’t already. There are, of course, the classic recurve bow and longbow. For the fisherman in your life, there are bow fishing kits and instructional DVDs to get them started on a unique way to fish. Also, for those who want to tap into their primitive side or are just interested in medieval history, there are primitive bows and DIY kits for bow and arrow making. If your man is already an avid bowman, additional accessories like gloves or targets make for great gifts.

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3. Cigars

If your guy is like most, he wants nothing more than to relax and enjoy a hand-made cigar from time to time. Most cigars come in boxes for any price range and for any strength from mild to full. Cigars from the United States are great, but there are famous cigars from places all around the world, such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. If your guy already has a favorite cigar, then another great gift idea would be a cigar accessory, such as a lighter, cutter, or ashtray.

4. Homebrewing supplies

If you want to pair your guy’s cigar with a drink, or if cigars are not his style, one creative gift is a homebrewing kit. Almost every guy enjoys a beer or glass of wine, but what about brewing their own? If he likes beer, they have kits for bottling, kegging, all-grain brewing, and any ingredients you could need, and likewise for winemaking. For guys who prefer less alcohol, there are also kits for ciders, kombucha, and sodas. Whether the man in your life is already into making their own drinks, or if you want to help him start, Midwest has a recipe kit for him. 

5. Headphones

For the music lover in your life, a great gift would be a pair of high-quality headphones – Everything a music fan or musician could want as audio options. Many guys just want to turn up the music and tune out the rest of the world. For this, a great gift would be a pair of isolation and/or noise-canceling headphones. You can find both wired and wireless options for all of these. On the other hand, many guys like to listen to music on the go, during a run, or other physical activity. They might prefer wireless in-ear headphones or earbuds. Of course, if you are shopping for someone who writes or mixes their own music, there are plenty of studio-quality DJ headphones too.

Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Guys

6. Playstation 5

If your guy is into video games or electronics, the Playstation 5 is the latest and greatest in gaming consoles, and any gamer guy would easily rack up countless hours of value from this single gift. The PS5 has a very strong release-day selection of games, like Demon’s Souls and Spiderman: Miles Morales, if you know your guy has already got his PS5. Another great gift idea is an extra controller

7. Knives

If the man in your life is good with his hands, chances are he could use a good knife. Knives are useful everywhere, from multi-tool pocket knives to sturdy hunting knives. If your guy spends time outdoors, hook him up with a new camping or hiking knife. Does he spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Get him a chef’s knife. If he likes using tools, get him an all-in-one package with a classic swiss army knife. 

8. LEGO – Lego set

If you are shopping for someone younger, or perhaps someone who just hasn’t lost touch with their younger self, LEGO building kits are always a great gift. Plenty of guys still enjoy putting together the pieces to build anything from sports cars to a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet. If you know of a movie, video game, or tv show that your guy is a fan of, chances are LEGO has a set for it. 

9. Classic Industries – Car Parts

Many guys like to be able to drive around in a car that they can be proud of as often as possible. While not every man is going to be a well-established mechanic, there are plenty of people out there who love to spend the time and effort to put their cars together all by themselves or upgrade what they already have. Some gift ideas include decals, an audio system, and wheels.

10. Airplanes – Model Airplane

For every guy that is into cars, there is a guy into planes. The perfect gift for the aeronaut in your life is a model airplane. They have high-quality replicas of planes from any airline you can name. They also have a wide selection of Air Force planes and jets. Of course, you can also find replicas of helicopters, drones, and even blimps. Some guys prefer to be a little more hands-on, and so The Airplane Shop also has build-it-yourself toy sets and puzzles

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Hopefully, we have made finding that special gift for the guy in your life feel a lot less daunting. Our most important advice is, don’t wait to shop! This year the shopping season will begin earlier, and the overwhelming preference for online shopping is bound to cause delays in shipping. Happy buying!


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