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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Car More Comfortable

By Editorial Staff

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We sure do spend a lot of time in our cars; from the daily commute to long summer road trips with friends and family, these conveyances have become like second homes for most Americans.

All too often though we treat our cars as objects of utility, rather than an extension of our personal space. In these top ten ways to make your car more comfortable, I will outline a few simple things that you can do to make your ride more comfortable for both you and your passengers.

10. Fragrances

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It is easy to forget that, much like our homes, our cars can become a bit musty sometimes.
Luckily, there are several options for freshening the air in your car: there are the classic little
tree shaped fresheners you hang from the rear-view mirror, as well as more advanced devices
that clip to the air conditioning vents and even some that plug into your battery outlet (where
the cigarette lighter used to be). Also, if you have cloth upholstery, you can keep your seats
fresh by rubbing them down with dryer sheets.

9. Decorations

You decorate your living space and your workspace, why not your car as well? Making your car
as homey as possible can really make a difference in how it feels to be stuck in rush hour traffic
or stuck waiting on a construction crew to let you through a repair site. A pair of fuzzy dice and a
decorative steering wheel cover really can make a difference!

8. Keep it Clean!

Jeep organizers

Keeping your car clean is essential to keeping it comfortable. I think that at one time or another
we have all been guilty of treat our car like a receptacle for everything from stuff that won’t fit
into the garage to fast food plastic cups. If you’ve begun feeling less than elated about your daily
commute, perhaps it is time to do a little de-cluttering. Look for organizational accessories that fit your vehicle make and model, for example, Jeep organizers.

7. Entertainment

These days there are all kinds of options for entertainment on the road. If you get an adapter
(not necessary for most newer cars) you can use your phone or other devices to play podcasts or
playlists of your own making. Also, it is a good idea to keep some movies downloaded to your
laptop for the kids and other passengers on longer trips.

6. Window Tints

Window tints are great for people who live in places like the American southwest where sun
exposure pervasive. Just keep in mind that regulations in respect to window tinting vary by city,
state and county.

5. Keeping Your Car Cool

During spring and summer, your car can become hot and uncomfortable just sitting outside in
the sunlight. Try covering your steering wheel in a hand towel or putting a cover on your dash in
addition to a window visor or dust cover.

4. Keeping Your Car Warm


Keeping your car warm can prove a bit harder than keeping it cool. Perhaps the easiest way is
just to let it run for a bit before you get in it. This will give your interior time to heat up up as
well letting your windows defrost.

3. Making Space

Making proper space in your car for passengers and cargo may seem like a no brainer, but it
seems like we often end up playing a very uncomfortable game of Tetris during moves and road
trips. Remember: it is better to have too much space than too little!

2. Maintenance

A well-maintained car will provide a smooth, comfortable, worry free ride for you and your
passengers, so don’t forget those regular tune ups!

1. Keep Essentials In Case Of a Breakdown

Make sure to keep an emergency kit with some minor repair items, as well as a road flare,
poncho, spare tire and perhaps some non-perishable snacks. That way, even if something goes
wrong, you won’t be too uncomfortable. A little preparedness goes a long way when it comes to
car troubles.

I hope these Top Ten Ways to Make Your Car More Comfortable will help you and your
passengers experience a greater level of comfort on the road in both your daily commute and
on longer drives. It really only takes a little extra effort to make a car ride a comfortable, even
enjoyable, experience.

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