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Top Ten Best Classic Kids Toys

By Editorial Staff

One of the top ten best classic kids toysContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Remember these toys from your childhood?

Some toy fads come quickly and are gone just as quickly. Other toys have the staying power that makes them classics. They continue to appeal to generation after generation. Dad and mom, don’t be surprised to see your children playing with these top ten best classic kids toys:

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10. Silly Putty

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

Over 4,500 tons of silly putty has been sold in the 60 years since its inception, 4.500 tons! Like so many classic kids toys, the beauty of silly putty is it requires imagination to really make it come to life. Rolled up tight it’s a bouncy ball, flattened out and pressed onto the comics they transfer onto the putty. You can stretch it; shape it, and who knows how many other creative uses there are for silly putty. We’ll need to consult a 10-year old to get the inside scoop.

9. Mr. Potato Head

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

Thanks to Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head had a resurgence a while back and found a whole new generation of kids. Though, for those of us who have been around a while, he never truly left. Who knows what it is, exactly, but sitting there for hours on end mixing and matching lips, eyes and ears with the other assorted body parts is an absolute blast. Though, we probably should let our kids play with him occasionally.

8. Etch-A-Sketch

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

It’s always amazing to watch the people who can really work magic with an Etch A Sketch. Mastering those curved lines with the two knobs takes the kind of adroitness usually reserved for the operating room. Maybe that’s where all our surgeons got their starts, manipulating their Etch A Sketch.

7. Lincoln Logs

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

In and of themselves, Lincoln Logs are s kids classic. But what sets them apart, always has, is how easily they coordinate with other toys. You can make garages and use Top Ten Classic Kids Toy #6, or work your Mr. Potato Head into the Lincoln Log equation. There’s no end to how many ways the logs can be used by enterprising young minds.

6. Hot Wheels

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

Collecting track, not to mention 4,319 individual cars, is half the fun of Hot Wheels. The other half is finding new, and sometimes bizarre, ways to build the track. With jumps, loop-d-loops and flat out speed courses, the choices are virtually limitless. And the cars! Hot Wheels easily has some of the coolest cars ever conceived, from dragsters and sports cars, to concept vehicles for the forward-thinking youth among us, they’ve got it all.

5. Hula Hoop

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

Any list of classic toys not including the Hula Hoop would be woefully remiss. They are simple in design, if not in their use; I’m still recovering from my last, failed attempt. While there are those of us who never could seem to master the intricacies of the Hula Hoop, it doesn’t prevent us from appreciating those who did. Particularly the skilled artisans able to get multiple Hoops going at one time. That’s a level of dexterity many of us can only dream of.

4. Cap Gun

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

While probably politically incorrect in some circles, there’s no denying that having a Cap Gun was only slightly below access to sustenance as a must-have for kids. The Cap Gun took playing cops and robbers to whole new levels. It didn’t prevent the inevitable arguments of who shot who first, but running, screaming and causing outlandishly loud, piercing noises makes for a great afternoon.

3. Barbie

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

Still going as strong today as she did when she was first introduced in ’59, Barbie dolls are still a right of passage for young girls everywhere. The doll also plays a key roll in the Barbie Cycle girls go through growing up. Until about age 12, a young girl wouldn’t be caught dead without a Barbie near. Between the ages of 12 – 18 a young girl wouldn’t be caught dead with a Barbie. Then, the inevitable regret at age 19, “oh, why did I sell all my Barbies, why?!”

2. Radio Flyer

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

There’s no more classic means of conveyance for toys, or little brothers or sisters, than the red, radio flyer wagon. Though the real fun begins when the radio flyer is perched at the top of a hill, with the black bar steering mechanism firmly in the grasp of an 11-year old getting ready to fly down the incline at the speed of sound. Creating mayhem for neighborhood pets and pedestrians alike is just icing on the cake. Classic.

1. Slinky

One of the top ten best classic kids toys

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If you haven’t built a tiered structure, with a slinky at the top just ready to be let loose, ask your child for some assistance; you won’t regret it. It just flips, over and over, right down the home-built steps like a stroll in the park. Of course, getting lost in the motion as you alternately raise and lower, raise and lower, the slinky while holding a side in each hand is a classic way of filling what would otherwise have been wasted time.


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