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free stuffContributed by Lindsay Shugerman

No matter how good the deal might be, nothing beats free. Shoppers love free gifts, trial sizes and free shipping.

And while the catalogs on our site offer some amazing products, some of them also offer you the chance to get some totally free stuff! Check out these freebees, then hunt around for other new and limited time offer deals.

Step by Step Scrapbooking and Craft Projects

Free and ready to inspire your crafty side

If you’re anything like me, you love to wander around scrapbook stores or browse the pages of craft catalogs, looking at all the wonderful supplies. But the problem is, I often have no idea what to do with all that amazing paper or other craft supplies.

Scrapbooking by Oriental Trading Company is offering a free solution to the “what to make” dilemma. TheyI have pages and pages of great project ideas, complete with step by step instructions and detailed supply lists! You know, I’m thinking I might actually USE some of that paper that’s filling my closets! What a concept!

8 Books and an app

Free Android, iPhone app, plus lots to read

best of totally free stuff app and books

Got a long flight ahead of you? Looking for reading material that won’t cost a fortune? This might be the answer.

There are lots of free book apps, but I don’t know of another one that comes preloaded with eight books. Deseret Book is offering just that … plus the Standard Works, which includes the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenents. And yes, it’s all free.

So many wedding invitations …

But free samples make it easier to pick

best of totally free stuff wedding invitation samples

Selecting wedding invitations online can be tough, but a dedicated invitation store makes it easier by offering you free samples, with free shipping. That way you can have and hold the invitations before you have to pick the one for your “to have and to hold” day.

Now if only wedding dress companies offered the same service!

A month of free entertainment

The movies, TV shows you want for zero dollars

best of totally free stuff netflix

For over a decade, Netflix has been bringing the best of movies and TV right into people’s homes. If you haven’t tried Netflix, this is your chance to jump in for free. Watch for new member specials, and you might get a month of full access to streaming entertainment for a total cost of absolutely nothing!

Take that, movie theatres!

Business, tech journals for free

Stay informed without spending a dime

best of totally free stuff trade journals

Staying up to date on developments in technical, trade and business developments can be hard…and expensive. But not so with with many trade publications.

Just answer a few questions about your profession, and you can often sign up for the information you need to stay on top of things at work. And no one needs to know you did it all for free. I won’t tell!

Visit history in the US

Battlefield ghosts, no extra charge

best of totally free stuff gettysburg travel

Plan your trip to one of the nation’s most famous battlegrounds with a little help from a whole host of tourism bureaus. Use the online trip planners to find and save events and locations, then print your agenda. And don’t forget to order your free visitors guide, filled with tons of information about the area, seasonal events and must-see locations.

Free cookbook ready to download

Dinner is gonna be good tonight!

best of totally free stuff cookbook

All you have to do is sign up at any number of food product and cooking blogs, and a free recipe book will be yours to download. These books are full of recipes for everything from appetizers to rich desserts. And that’s not all. You also get free newsletters, so you’ll keep getting fresh ideas to keep dinner exciting.

Oh, and I’ll be over around 6 for supper. Hey, you didn’t think I was giving you all these ideas for totally free stuff for, well, free?

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