Uses for Mustard

uses for mustardContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Few condiments deliver a punch of flavor quite like mustard.

Stop by Wisconsin’s National Mustard Museum and you’ll see there are over 5,400 varieties from all over the world. Whether you like it spicy, sweet, creamy or with a bite, these top uses for mustard will have you reaching for the golden mustardy goodness way more often.

10. Boiled Dinner

Boiled Dinner

A boiled dinner may not sound mouth watering, but this is a traditional style of cooking for many who grew up in Irish-American homes. In a small amount of water, boil or steam (or roast) a pot of potatoes with carrots, cabbage and corned beef in one pot with light seasoning of salt, pepper and garlic. Smear a spoonful of your favorite yellow on the plate and this humble meal leaves nothing to be desired – except maybe seconds.

9. Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels

One smear of bright yellow on a slightly salted soft pretzel will take you right back to fond childhood memories. Enjoyed in sports stadiums, town fairs and city streets, this snack demands a few packets of classic yellow.

8. Backyard Barbecue

backyard barbeque

No backyard barbecue is complete without the standard condiment tables. If hot dogs and hamburgers are on the menu, ketchup, relish and your favorite jar of mustard is on the table. Some like a swirl of all three. Others swear by the cacophony of flavors that result when the sweetness of the bun and smokiness of the meat are topped with sour yellow.

7. Breaded Cutlets

Breaded Cutlets

A child with a plate of chicken nuggets will not be denied his honey mustard sauce. McDonalds gets much of the credit for introducing this addictive pairing, but parents don’t have to hit up the drive through to get it. Make a healthier version by brushing the sauce over a chicken cutlet, instead of egg or yogurt, and then pat it in crushed cornflakes and bake.

6. Dressing


Salad dressings get a bad rap as being unhealthy, but if you use it in moderation and make your own there’s no reason why your salad should be dry. The pleasant pungent of Dijon is an ideal contrast to a basic olive oil and cider vinegar mix. Start by adding just a teaspoon to a few ounces of liquid, and adjust to taste with some salt and pepper.

5. Potatoes


One of the most common uses for mustard is potato salad, often with a spoonful of mayo and celery seed. Other tasty applications include knishes, potato pancakes, mashies with peas or a dipping sauce for French fries.

4. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a universal comfort food for which many of us have a signature recipe for. The not-so-secret ingredient in many of the tastiest baked dishes is brown or powdered mustard. Add some broccoli trees on top and you have a gorgeous crowd pleaser.

3. Smoked Meats

 Smoked Meats

Half the fun of bringing home a smoked kielbasa from the meat market is slicing it up and dipping in a full array of imported yellow yummy. Chop some cubes of cheeses and add some bread or crackers to create an instant appetizer extravaganza. Some people like to heat up the meat on a frying pan until it’s brown while others like it cold (since it’s already cooked in the smoking process).

2. Marinade


The job of a good marinade is to tenderize meat, infusing it with flavor all the way through. Oil is a good base, and lemon juice or vinegar will add the necessary acidic element, but if you really want to take it over the top, mix in tangy yellow or brown mustard to deliver a zing the next time you marinade meat.

1. Sandwiches


Any deli worth its salty pickles knows the virtues and many uses for mustard. Is any sandwich complete without a dash of yellow? Skipping it would be like skipping the bread. From pastrami on rye to turkey and Swiss cheese on a bun, the spicy brown spread deli’s use was basically invented from sandwiches wrapped in wax paper.

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