little girl holding a Valentines heartContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Valentine’s Day may have started as a holiday for lovers, but over the years it has become a holiday for kids, too. Countless kiddie Valentine cards are exchanged in classrooms across the country, slipped into heart-bedecked shoe boxes and paper bags.

Parents have started buying Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, too. But its proximity to the big December holidays means most moms and dads are only looking for a single gift to mark the occasion.

With that in mind, here are ten stand-alone ideas for Valentine’s Day presents for children and teens.

10. Teddy Bears bigger than they are!

girl and giant pink bear

There is just something about curling up with a great big teddy bear that makes almost any child smile. And it doesn’t stop with little kids. Teenagers love over-sized stuffed bears almost as much as their preschool and elementary-aged siblings. A larger-than-life bear is a way to make this holiday one they’ll remember for years to come.

9. Cookies!

frosted pink heart cookies

Kids and cookies just go together, so frosted heart-shaped cookies are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Have them delivered by mail, or make them together at home.

8. Cozy red pajamas

WEB UNDIES Minnie Mouse pj set

Warm, red pajamas or sleep pants not only make a great Valentine’s gift, they’re also a good way to stay warm and cozy in winter’s chill. Bonus points if you find a pair of red jammies with hearts on them!

7. Breakfast (or lunch) out with mom or dad

mom and child at restaurant

A special time with mom or dad (or both) is a Valentine’s Day present most kids will love. If you have more than one child, a separate “date” for each one will make it even more special. Keep costs down by opting for breakfast, lunch or even an ice cream treat instead of supper.

6. The story of St. Valentine


If the Saints are a part of your family’s faith tradition, a book about the real story of St. Valentine is a good choice. Or perhaps a St. Valentine holy medal, to remind them of the loving meaning behind the hearts-and-roses holiday.

5. Red or pink socks

red, black and white socks

Okay, they’re practical. But what’s wrong with a practical Valentine’s gift? After all, wanting the ones you love to have warm feet in winter is a very loving gesture! Go for kids’ socks with their favorite designs or characters, and they’ll love them.

4. Personalized school supplies


By mid-February, this year’s school supplies have started to loose their luster. Lunch boxes may be stained or worn, binders are tattered and things like pencils and water bottles may have vanished. So replacing the old with shiny, new personalized school gear in Valentine’s colors like pink, purple or red is a good way to add some pizzazz to the rest of school year.

3. Their own box of chocolates

LINDT chocolates

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, most kids love to chose a piece of candy from Mom or Dad’s candy box. This year, let them be the ones to control the “just pick one!” by giving them a box of candy all their own.

2. Caramel apples with red bows

caramel apples

Apples and love go together…they’re even kind of heart shaped. But when you add caramel into the mix…well, then you have a treat worthy of a holiday like Valentine’s Day! Add a bright red bow to each caramel apple and you have instant kid-pleasing Valentine’s Day happiness!

1. Let them grow red

child planting a garden

A basket filled with seeds to grow red things is a creative Valentine’s gift for your kids. Red tomatoes, red flowers, sweet red peppers and other colorful choices will let them plan for a Valentine garden of their own.

Have fun picking out Valentine’s Day gifts for kids and teens. On this holiday of love, it’s a simple way to show them how happy you are for the love they bring into your life.