by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Need a way to stay on top of fashion trends and stick to a budget?

Use jewelry to make older outfits look new and different. By adding a couple of new jewelry pieces to your collection or discovering a treasure trove in thrift shops and antique malls, you can create a style that is fresh, modern and completely yours. Here are some ideas to help you on your accessory journey.

10. Go Bold with a Watch

bold watch

One of the latest trends these days are big, bold watches. Instead of borrowing your guy’s, buy a special watch with a bold face, great styling and a dynamic band color. Watches with retro styling make a bold statement. Stack some thin bangles next to it and you’ve got a great look.

9. Mix and Match Sizes

Mix and Match Sizes

Combine small and medium or medium and large sized pieces together. This could be a combination of bracelets, necklaces or rings. This technique is great if you have lots of favorites that are all roughly the same size. For instance, wear two thicker necklaces, one short and one long with a thinner medium one. This gives any outfit visual interest and who doesn’t love a little extra shine?

8. Pop Some Color

Pop Some Color

Have plenty of silver or gold toned jewelry? Wear a few similar pieces and partner them with some color. Maybe you have a great looking bracelet in red. Add it to a few gold bangles and make an attention grabbing statement. This is a great time to use those one-of-a-kind pieces that you had to have, but might have a hard time pairing with an outfit by themselves.

7. One Gorgeous Statement Ring


Gorgeous settings and colorful stones lend themselves to being worn every day, as your personal statement ring. This is a great option if you either don’t care for a large jewelry wardrobe or have to invest in a few special pieces. Wear a statement ring that becomes your go-to fashion accessory. Partner this with a great manicure and you’ve got a look that will rock the house.

6. Go Vintage

Go Vintage

Now is the time to shop in your mom’s or grandmother’s costume jewelry collections. This can save considerable amounts of money and you’ll be able to find unique pieces that few others will be wearing. Estate sales, resale shops and antique stores usually all carry vintage jewelry in one form or another.

5. Spread the Bling

Spread the Bling

Want to wear a special, sparkly pin but it doesn’t really go with the outfit? Put it in your hair. No, really – use a bobby pin or two and make it a hair accessory. Or you can pin it to a ribbon or fabric headband and wear it that way. Clip-on earrings can also be used this way. These creative jewelry ideas also work for adding shine or something special to your favorite scarf.

4. Multiple Lockets

Multiple Lockets

Once upon a time sentimental lockets were all the craze. Which means people now own plenty of them, but rarely use them. Wear two or three lockets together, especially if they are on different length chains. Not enough lockets in your collection? Try threading a ribbon or a spare chain through a watch with no band or a cameo pin.

3. Add Glam to Shoes

Add Glam to Shoes

Have a favorite pair of flats or pumps that you would love to wear at night but they are a bit too plain? Use clip-on earrings to give them a whole new look. Bright, sparkling rhinestones add instant shine to basic shoes. Just clip an earring at the opening of the shoe near the toes. It is a great way to compliment your overall look with a great custom piece. Your favorite shoes now look perfect for that special night out!

2. Mix Up Metal Tones

Mix Up Metal Tones

There is no hard and fast rule about only wearing one tone of jewelry anymore. Use multiple tones – silver, rose and yellow golds – to make a trendy statement. This mix is a great way to create a layered look without having to go out and buy lots of new pieces. Simply use the ones you have and wear them in a fun way.

1. The Statement Piece

The Statement Piece

Big, bold and beautiful is what to go for with this piece of fashionable jewelry. It is easiest to use a necklace for this style, especially since they are easy to find right now and fit most any budget. Working with little to no budget? No problem. Bigger pieces were popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. So search through your vintage selection or visit the local vintage shop. You can also put a couple of medium sized necklaces together for one great look.

This is by no means a complete list – feel free to experiment and try out any ideas you may have. Who knows? You might just set the next trend in jewelry accessories!