Ways to make a wedding fun without dancing

There are so many ways to have fun at your wedding without dancing

There are so many ways to have fun at your wedding without dancing

There are all sorts of ways to have fun at your wedding; dancing is only one common suggestion. But, who wants common? Maybe the bride and/or groom have physical limitations which prevent them from cutting a rug. Maybe reception space is limited and there just isn?t room for a bunch of ballroom whirling and twirling. Maybe the band you hired cancelled at the last minute, and now you?re scrambling to find activities to fill the space. (Hey, it happens.) Or maybe you just don?t do dancing.

Whatever the reason, there are lots of alternatives to make your wedding fun and memorable without a single awkward two-step. 

Fun  &  Games

For an indoor wedding (or simply something a little less physical), you can set up a game of wedding BINGO. Trivia is always fun, and can revolve around facts about the bride and groom, their families, and/or their chosen theme. Another popular idea is to sell raffle tickets. The money goes toward a honeymoon or house fund for the newlyweds, and winners get to take home specially selected wedding favors or the centerpieces.


Games of all sorts are great ways to have a blast and get your guests involved in the festivities. For an outdoor event, you might set up a few traditional lawn games. This works great for a Victorian theme wedding, with classic games like croquet or lawn tennis. What about a game of Blind Man?s Bluff? Have the first ?blind man? be the blind-folded groom who has to locate his bride among the guests. Even if you aren?t having a Victorian wedding, there are lots of outdoor game ideas to go with any theme. Think horseshoes, badminton, or any number of carnival games. Bust out the Twister mat and watch the photo-ops create themselves.

Counting the Thoughts

One of the best things you can do at any wedding is to give the guests a way to contribute to the memories of the day. One way is to have special cards or scraps of paper at each table setting for guests to write their memories of the new couple, best wishes, or wedding advice. For children, hand out blank cards and crayons so they can draw pictures for the newlyweds. These can all be collected and added to a wedding scrap book. 

If you want to get particularly crafty (and don?t mind a little creative mess), have guests paint stones with words of encouragement, or invite them to bring photos and wedding-appropriate words or phrases cut out of magazines to create a collage for the bride and groom. 

Hire in Entertainment

Just because you aren?t dancing doesn?t mean you can?t have music. Hiring a great band or solo musician to play some beautiful tunes can add a lot of depth to the ceremony and rhythm to the reception.

But, thinking outside the dance floor, you might also consider hiring other types of entertainers to show your guests a good time. An adept stand-up comedian can add laughter and levity to your big day. Be sure, of course, to meet with him or her ahead of time and watch them in action to be sure theirs is the kind of humor you want to share with your friends and family. Meeting beforehand will also give the comedian a chance to know the happy couple, and in turn craft some personalized jokes for the event.

For a carnival themed shindig, how about a juggler or mime (or a juggling mime?) to add that special touch? Magicians classically put on a great show for any occasion.

And, if you really want to go all out, why not consider hiring a mystery theater troupe to turn your reception dinner into a murder mystery dinner. These can be crafted to theme and period preferences, and will ensure your wedding day is remembered by all for years to come. With all this going on, no one is going to miss the dancing.