No matter the activity, the purpose of holiday time is to make memories with those you love.

In this list we suggest some easy ways to make your family time as special and memorable as possible. Try these ways to make the most of family time over the holidays, and create new memories for the entire crowd.

10. TV/Movie Time

Taking time to watch a great holiday movie or TV special can make any holiday afternoon just a little more magical. Enjoying some family programming is a great way to bond and share in an uplifting experience together.

9. Family Sports

Family Sports like flag football and softball are a good way to get the family outside for a little bit of togetherness and fun. In addition to more traditional sports you could also try holding a video game tournament or a bridge game.

8. Local Sites of Interest

Museums, theme parks, and community events are fine ways to enjoy your family’s company over the holidays! Perhaps if you live near a site of historical interest (like the Alamo mission, for example) you could take this opportunity to show off your town’s local history.

7. Hiking/Nature Excursions

If you are lucky enough to live on a serious portion of acreage or near a national park then perhaps you should consider taking your family on a holiday nature excursion. Just remember to pack that cold weather gear.

6. Crafting

Crafting can be a fun family exercise, especially for the kiddies. Try making a little centerpiece or little charms so adults can keep track of their wine glasses! Give the kids a chance to show off their budding personalities.

5. Scavenger Hunt

If your looking to set up a last minute bonding activity, then why not set up a little scavenger hunt? You can make the gift giving more fun and interactive by placing the presents all around your house or property and letting the kids hunt for each other’s presents. Just make sure to write down where you hid them!

4. Cooking/Baking

If your having a big party this holiday season then consider getting the kids in on the cooking and baking. They’ll have a great time and take some of the easier work off your hands so you can focus on roasting that perfect turkey!

3. Home Photo Booth

A home photo booth is a cute and easy to make some holiday merriment. Simply make a booth out of a large box, gather some craft supplies and let the fun begin!

2. After dinner walks

When in doubt, just take the family on a nice after dinner walk. Get some fresh air, introduce them to the neighbors and get a jump start on digesting that ham!

1. Volunteer

Of all the suggestions on this list, this one is a favorite. This year, you should consider taking some time to get the family together to give back, if only for a few hours. Contact your local Goodwill or soup kitchen and help those less fortunate have a happy holiday season.

These easy to implement ideas to make the most out of family time over the holidays are all fantastic ways to ensure a holiday season full of merriment and joy.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow