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Ways to Store Stuff

By Editorial Staff

storing stuffby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Storage is an issue in many homes simply because people tend to accumulate things.

Whether you come home with a new pair of shoes or some mind-blowing gadget, the first thing we do is enjoy the thing. The last thing we do is find a place to keep it.

When every object in a room has a place an amazing thing happens: Cleaning becomes a cinch. These top ways to store stuff leave no more excuses for clutter.

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10. Plastic bags

Plastic bags

For long term storage, plastic bags cannot be beat. They block dust and moisture to keep prized items like comics, baseball cards and photographs in mint condition. If you’re renting a unit in a facility or moving some favorite old items to the attic or basement, packing in plastic is an easy, effective way to go. It’s also perfect for keeping food fresh, just make sure you don’t trap air inside or it’ll go stale.

9. Bike mounts

Bike mounts

As useful as they are outdoors, bikes are great big space hogs inside. The best thing to do is mount them on an out of the way wall with a bike mount. If possible choose a place near the door to protect your carpet or rugs.

8. Built-in drawers

kids furniture

Let’s face it, kids aren’t the best cleaners in the world, but they do love to play and the more toys the merrier. Investing in beds and other kids’ bedroom furniture with large drawers that are low to the ground (so you don’t have to worry about kids pulling a full drawer on top of themselves) gives them an easy place to drop their favorites that’s also out of plain sight.

7. Garage organizers

Garage organizers

The garage is a potential danger zone if you don’t have an easy organizer to keep the basics. Garage cabinets have shelving for oil and other car solutions, drawers for tools and trays for spark plugs and other necessities.

6. In a pile

In a pile

Hey, some people take comfort in their piles. This is a no-cost, see-it-all-in-one-glance solution if you’re the type who’s always losing track of things left in the “perfect place”. Fair warning, the people you live with will take issue with your mountains of stuff.

5. Photo albums

Photo albums

In this digital age where we upload and save photos on hard drives and websites, it’s easy to forget the tangible benefits of photo albums. Albums not only preserve printed photographs, they display them in a very accessible way so that you can page through and share warm memories with guests.

4. Behind the door

Behind the door

Racks make putting away pantry items as easy as sweeping dust under the rug, not that we do that! Look for a door rack made from sturdy steel so it holds up over time then simply hook it on the back of the kitchen or pantry door. They’re wide enough to hold cans, bottles and most packaged food boxes and make it easy to spot things in a hurry.

3. Floating nooks

Floating nooks

Love these floating nooks for your phone, iPod, watch or any other common carry-around that’s easy to lose. Hook nooks and other clever storage bins are ideal for people who never put keys in the same place. They mount on a slight angle so nothing can fall out and even double as a hook for hanging hand bags or scarves.

2. Tool center

Tool center

Take care of your tools and they’ll last for ages. A tool cabinet with wheels is one of the best ways to store stuff that you use frequently. Simply wheel it to your work area during a project and back out of the way when you’re finished. Separate drawers for screw drivers, hammers, drills and other equipment will keep things from getting misplaced.

1. Baskets


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Sometimes the simplest ways to store stuff are also the best. Baskets are beautiful containers that add texture and color to a room, while providing a convenient holder for craft supplies, reading material, toiletries and other home goods.


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