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Best of … wedding hair styles accessories

By Editorial Staff

A list of the best of wedding hair styles accessoriesContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Many brides are eschewing conventionalism and tradition on their wedding day.

Some are saying ‘no’ to the standard wedding veil with blusher (the part of the veil that goes over your face and then is pulled back when it’s time for the groom to kiss the bride.) Others are putting a new twist on convention and incorporating gorgeous and unusual accessories into the standard veil, with or without blushers. However, others are doing away with the veil all together.

It’s your wedding. You can do what you want when it comes to selecting your gown, shoes and hair style accessories.

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Here are the best of wedding hair styles accessories:

Celtic themes

Wiccan and nature

A list of the best of wedding hair styles accessories

If you are a whimsical or quirky bride, or intend to have an outdoor, woodsy wedding and like the idea of nymphs and woodland creatures, has the perfect woodland tiara just for you. This unique hair piece is made of sterling silver, and features stems of ivy and beech leaves that are curved and twisted. The hairpiece can be worn so that it points down as a circlet or points up and looks like a tiara. This is the perfect hair accessory for the bohemian bride who doesn’t want to look customary but prefers to put her twist on things. Wiccan brides, those who are into Celtic traditions and the Goddesses among you will look delightfully feminine and fanciful when wearing a woodland tiara on your wedding day.

Personal creation

Feathers, flowers and bling

A list of the best of wedding hair styles accessories

Create your own headpiece. Purchase a head band and decorate it with feathers, silk flowers and Swarovski crystals. Glue guns are great for this procedure. (Just don’t burn yourself.) If you are crafty and creative enough you can figure out a way to attach netting to the headband, either from the front, creating a bird cage veil effect which is a sassy, retro look, or from the back or to the side. Experiment; play around; figure which style looks best on you. Your guests will be amazed at your ingenuity. All types of feathers, crystals and beads can be purchased. Designing your own wedding day hair accessory saves you money and makes it even more evident that you have put your personal touch on the entire day.

Classic hat

Veil alternative

A list of the best of wedding hair styles accessories

A bride can, if she so chooses, wear a hat rather than a veil or a hat with a veil. Check out the lovely head wear that is available. A pearl and black church hat would look fabulous with a white wedding suit or can be coupled with an actual wedding gown if the bride has the moxie to pull it off. Hats are lovely and not worn as much as they should be, by brides or anyone, for that matter. Step up your wedding day look with an extraordinary hat that features beads, baubles, lace or feathers or all of these accessories.

Match the theme

Brilliant peacock colors

A list of the best of wedding hair styles accessories

Peacocks, roses, seashells and other specific design elements are popular as design inspiration for the entire wedding. Peacock feathers are gorgeous and can be incorporated into your wedding day hair accessories, as well as into your bouquet or garter or anywhere else that you want to use them. These feathers are a vibrant color, primarily in the teal-blue family, and look delightful when used as an accessory on a bird cage veil or attached to a headband or to a hat. Home an craft stores have an array of peacock feather supplies.

Floral beauty

Simple or complex

A list of the best of wedding hair styles accessories

Flowers are always a part of a wedding, whether they’re in vases, in bouquets or attached to the bride’s headpiece. Real or silk plants can be glued to your headpiece or to a hat or headband. A craft supply store has a ton of silk flowers to choose from. Select from single stems to create a combination of textures and colors that are unique. These flowers look absolute realistic and feel real to the touch.

Combs and Clip In Hair

Set off glittering accessories

clip ins vspace=”10″/>

You can also dress up your wedding day appearance by nestling beautiful combs and barrettes into long beautiful locks of clip in hair, which you can pull back, pull up and secure, or simply use as an accessory instead of a veil or other headpiece.

Hair styled in a French roll coupled with a pearl or crystal comb is a good choice for a bride. This look is tres chic and sophisticated. Brides who want to wear their hair on top of their heads can complete the look with barrettes that hold their hair in place and look striking while doing it.

If you remove your veil or hat during the reception, you will still look picture perfect because the glittering baubles in your hair will glisten. Another sure fire accessory is the tiara, which many brides enjoy wearing on their wedding day. Don’t be shy about adding volume to your wedding hairstyle with clip ins – they highlight a veritable selection of wedding accessories, including tiaras.

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