What are jewelpops?

What are jewelpops and how do you wear them?

What are jewelpops and how do you wear them?

A woman?s taste can change from craving something sparkly and glam to whimsical overnight. That?s why versatile jewelry designs are so exciting. Once you own necklace, ring or other piece, you can build a collection of varied inserts. It?s like getting 10 rings in one.

Bet you?re still wondering what are JewelryPops exactly. At first glance, they look like fun, vibrant accessories with all the usual elements ? necklaces have a chain and pendant, a ring hugs the finger with a setting on top. The major difference between these and other designs is that they are made with a special twist.

Interchangeable inserts give JewelPop accessories their unique design. They allow you to literally pop out one design and pop in a new one. This level of flexibility is a rare find in the accessories department.

Standard jewelry is typically made from a precious metal with a gemstone or other adornment either faceted or secured with a stonesetting. Both methods permanently attach the decorative gem or adornment. If you want a different look, you wear a different piece of jewelry altogether.

Think of all the possibilities

To understand what JewelPops are, it helps to think about change and how it?s a daily part of our lives. You change clothes, change the food on your plate, what you read and watch. If you don?t wear the same sweater or read the same articles every day, why wear the exact same accessories?

Now there?s another option that goes way beyond what you buy is all you get. JewelPops come in every color and style you can imagine, including gemstones, a swirled ?Aurora Borealis? and Swarovski Crystal. You insert them into any piece of jewelry by the same brand, so a necklace pendant can pop out and go on a ring because all of the inserts are universal in size.

Customize your accessories to reflect an ever-changing personal style, to fit an occasion or punctuate a mood. Now accessorizing doesn?t end at choosing a pin or bracelet and putting it on. You get to participate. Pop in your birthstone or a design that makes you think of the ocean just because you can.

In addition to the playful flexibility, this interchangeable design makes traveling less stressful because you don?t have to pack the whole jewelry box. Bring one or two pieces along with your favorite inserts to match packed outfits and you?re good to go.

How does it work?

First you wonder what are JewelPops, then what kind of special tools you need. If you have a finger to pop them out, you?re all set. If your fingers aren?t up to the task, use the cap provided with each design.

~The process of switching out the inserts is surprisingly simple. To remove an insert you push it through from the back. To secure a new one you use a bit of pressure on the top until you hear a click. The sound tells you the insert is secure and not going anywhere until you pop it out later.

Whether you?re gift shopping for your mom, daughter, spouse or looking to refresh your accessory options, this is the kind of bold design that won?t go out of fashion. It uses modern ideas to create a variety of timeless, crafty and elegant looks. Choose a new one on every birthday or anniversary and in a few years you?ll have a stunning collection.

As you can tell, some types of jewelry are more than just a pretty accessory. They can reflect a woman?s passions, remind her of loved ones or lift her spirits as a meaningful symbol. With a wide range of designs to choose from, there?s truly no wrong choice.