What colors to wear this Fall

Tips on what colors to wear this Fall for a fashion-forward style

Tips on what colors to wear this Fall for a fashion-forward style

Autumn may be the easiest and most pleasurable season to dress for. It’s not too hot; it’s not too cold and there is that invigorating bite to the air. It is time to change up your wardrobe, stashing away those summery halter dresses and bringing out the cozy sweaters and jackets. As you survey your autumn wardrobe you can plan to be fashion-forward for the new season is you know what colors to wear this Fall.

Based on the models traipsing down the runway, fashion magazines and the new merchandise in catalogs and stores, Fall and winter garments are plentiful in
the go-to ‘base’ hues of as chocolate, gray, taupe, winter white, camel, nude, khaki and ivory. Cool colors (fuchsia, greens and blues) and warm colors (rose, gingerbread and rust) are also hot this autumn.

Every season evokes particular emotions in humans. Successful fashion designers certainly understand the psychology of color and what hues people are drawn to and how they affect them. They apply this knowledge seasonally, aware different types of clothing are worn in different seasons and that moods change drastically from summer to winter, for example.

Clothing not only needs to keep humans warm or cool and, hopefully, looking good but also lift spirits, which the right colors do. Donning drab, dull colors is not going to energize you. Go for some gusto!


Wearing a grape-colored dress or sweater flatters skin tone. Purple is in the middle of the color spectrum. It’s not too cool or too warm. Eggplant, another shape of purple, is adaptable, much like navy, chocolate brown and black. This is a good choice.

Another popular hue is teal, a bluish green, which actually adds color to the face. This shade is very appropriate for fall.

Mellow rosy pink can be work throughout the year. Pair it with gray or black and you’ve got a winning combination. Pinks accentuates the natural flush in the face and makes the wearer glow.

Women’s Wear Daily maintains deep lichen green is the top color this season. This shade is a cross between khaki and army green. Other top shades are linden and emerald.

The Pantene Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman points out the colors found in the forest during the fall, after the leaves have fallen, as the best shade for autumn clothing. These colors include Turbulence, which is a rich slate gray color; carafe, a brown that is somewhere between chocolate and coffee;  Mykonos blue, deep purple (Acai) and fiery red. Pantene considered emerald the color of 2013.

According to Stacy London of the TV show “What Not to Wear,”  hot fashion trends for autumn include big platform stacked heel sandals, worn with flared pants, and long skirts with shorter tops, relaxed pants, tights and oversize satchels (purses,) which she fefers to as the new Boho or ‘grown up grunge’ look.

London notes very skinny pencil skirts worn with sheer black hose sporting tiny black dots, coupled with peep toe high heels are in vogue as is raw material jewelry, which she describes as very earthy.

Incorporate color into your autumn wardrobe via nail polish. Although black polish is still very popular, many are switching to mossy green, emerald green, oxblood, midnight blue, amethyst or colors reminiscent of the darkest shades of the environment.

If you have really short finger nails, don’t wear dark polish. if your nails are longer than the fingertip and filed in an oval or almond shape, dusky colors look great. Your fingers will look longer.

Fashionistas are wearing bubble gum pink lipstick and midnight blue eye shadow and so can you.

Autumn is the season when rich colors abound in nature and, hopefully, in your wardrobe.