What is a spin brush for your skin?

Keep your complexion beautiful with a spin brush for you skin

Keep your complexion beautiful with a spin brush for you skin

A spin brush for your skin is a powered tool that exfoliates your skin as you use it. There are brushes specific for your face and the rest of your body ? and both work essentially the same way. On the whole, a majority of users love the way the brushes work, noting their initial results and continued experience. Here are some tips to choosing the right brush for you and what to expect when you use it.

Choose the brush for you

You know your skin best. Rely on that knowledge when selecting from the variety of brush heads available for your skin, especially your face. High quality skin brush heads are designed to deliver a constant pressure to achieve the best results. Brush material and firmness varies to accommodate a wide range of skin types and areas of the body.

For instance, the face tends to require a softer design, since facial skin is usually more sensitive than the rest of the body. There are also options for those who experience acne and have extra-sensitive skin. For the best experience, review the details of each brush head, read the reviews, and select the ones that are well-matched to you.


These brush heads fit on a motorized base that often have timers so users do not damage their skin by over-doing it. The tool works by using either a circular or back and forth motion to deeply clean and invigorate skin. When you choose the base, consider the type of motion you prefer, how it fits in your hand and if you want the added protection of a timer. 

What to expect

Over the course of a month, skin cells naturally replace themselves. Spin brushes help that process happen more quickly, which, in turn, motivates your body naturally produce more collagen and gradually tighten skin. There are people who use the brushes every day to remove makeup and environmental impurities. But experts recommend starting slowly, as the bushes can cause dead skin cells to occasionally clog pores. These clogs may lead to acne and skin irritation. As your skin gets used to the brushes and there are less dead skin cells to remove, there should be fewer acne flare-ups and instances of irritation. While you may be excited to use the new spin brush as much as possible for fast results, your skin will appreciate a slower more beneficial approach. 

Some people experience redness, soreness or extra sensitivity after using a spin brush. If this kind of irritation happens to you, change how you are using the tool. Trade the current brush head for a softer one and reduce the frequency that you use the tool to clean your skin. Another idea is to use a cleanser for sensitive skin with the brush. Be aware that it is possible to get first degree burns (similar to a sunburn) from overly aggressive cleaning. Take it easy and pay attention to how your skin reacts.

After you thoroughly clean your skin, make sure to use a good moisturizer. Oil, along with dead skin, gets swept away by the brushes. To prevent dry skin problems, apply your favorite skin cream. If you?re going to be outside, be sure to use a sun block, too. 

Spin brush care

Since the heads are used to clean away dirt, makeup, lotions, skin cells and oils, they get covered in bacteria. Be sure to sanitize the brush after use and replace the heads every three months to keep germs at bay. Baby shampoo or a mild liquid soap work well to clean and sanitize your brushes. If you?re really worried about bacteria and cross contamination, use an anti-microbial soap. As an added preventative measure, soak the brush head in alcohol once a week. After soaking, let the head air dry without rinsing and any remaining bacteria will be killed.