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What is cyber bullying?

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Recognizing what is cyber bullying crosses many online media

Recognizing what is cyber bullying crosses many online media

Bullying has, unfortunately, gone on since the beginning of time because some people feel the need to treat others brutally. With the advent of the Internet and state-of-the-art tech gadgets, bullying has morphed into another arena. This is termed cyber bullying.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying occurs when individuals, most often teenagers, use cell phones, computers (Internet) or other devices to post or send out messages or images that embarrass and hurt the victim of the bully. Cyber bullying takes place through electronic messages, e-mail and an social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Bullies are mean and purposely hurt others.

When cyber bullying takes place, a person may pretend to be someone other than who is he so he can pull tricks on another. A bully perpetuates lies and rumors about someone else or sends vicious online or text messages to torment someone.

When a person posts a picture of another person without his consent this can amount to cyber bullying, particularly if the person is pictured in a compromising situation or position.

Using electronic devices to trick another into revealing personal information is a form of harassment.


When torment of this nature is unrelenting and beyond humiliating, some young people have resorted to suicide, which is a tragic.The victim may develop low self-esteem, start performing poorly in school, isolate himself, become depressed and even suicidal.

This type of behavior is multifarious and comes in various forms. The victim may receive texts or instant messages or hostile emails where he is threatened. Another way of mistreating someone is to un-friend them on Facebook or block them from an email account or from instant messaging just to be mean and not because the person did anything to deserve it.

Unfortunately, teens do not take this form of harassment seriously enough, at least not until they become the target and then they quickly change their minds. Many think bullies don?t consider their actions to be that big of a deal and certainly don?t consider the consequences of their actions or believe they will be caught. Bullies are often egged on by their so-called friends.

When someone is bullied, this needs to be reported to their parents and to Internet authorities or the monitor of a particular website.

Do not give out the password to any accounts. If this happens someone can get into your personal accounts and post or send embarrassing information from that account pretending to be you.

Block the tormenter from your phone and Facebook. Do not engage with them. Take a deep breath and do not shoot from the hip if bullied. Do not seek revenge or participate in the same type of behavior as a payback. Do not let the tormentor create such distress that an individual no longer goes about his daily activities.

When a person doesn?t know who is mistreating him this is particularly scary. Save all communication that was received from the anonymous harasser and present it to a law enforcement officer or to a trusted adult because the harasser?s identity can be found out.

Start a conversation with your child about bullying. Ask him if he has been a victim. Tell him that he can and must inform you if this does occur to him. Additionally, inform him that he will face certain consequences if he should participate in bullying, of any kind. Explain this is not acceptable or appropriate behavior under any circumstance.

Encourage children to keep the lines of communication open with parents. Adults can help nip this in the bud.

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If a teen or anyone engages in this form of behavior they should know that they may end up in a court of law facing menacing charges.

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