A life without friends is boring, lonely and not much fun

A life without friends is boring, lonely and not much fun

“Friendship? Yes, Please.”
– Charles Dickens

What is the importance of friendship? Having friends is advantageous to one?s health and happiness. A good talk and laugh with a friend can diminish stress, augment a sense of purpose and belonging and boost self value.

A friend helps her friend through thick and thin, including the good times and the bad, lending her support and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. 

A friend is the person who you share everything with, from life’s big moments, like weddings and births, to “in” jokes, heartfelt soul-baring conversations and a bond that is stronger, often, than the ties you have to your family. Friendships are often memoralized with tokens like small figurines, engraved friendship jewelry (you both have the same necklace!) or shared books and photos.

It?s often hard to maintain a friendship as life responsibilities increase but making the effort to keep in touch is important because a good friendship is valuable and worth holding onto. Friendship will safeguard your well-being.

Those suffering from depression or grief recover sooner when surrounded by friends. Friends are considered one of the most effectual treatments for melancholy. Those who are afflicted with a serious health problem but have good friends to bolster them get better faster and have higher rates of survival than those who do not have close friends. 


A life without friends would be a lonely existence. Friends come in all shapes and sizes: Old, young, Black, white, male, female, rich, poor, funny, serious, adventurous, studious, analytical and free-spirited.

Friends are often unlikely, figuratively speaking, ?bed partners.? Take, for example the late and great Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. They were besties until the end. A rather odd coupling, on the surface, but it worked for them.

A friend is the person that can be confided in when family members can?t or shouldn?t be told something. A good friend has your back and listens to you non-judgmentally. 

A friend puts up bail when her friend is dumb enough to land in the hoosegow. 

A friend feeds the fish and waters the plants when you can?t.

A friend sits bedside in the hospital and makes sure you have your eye makeup on and your dentures in.

A friend never ventures into your boyfriend/ husband territory. Friends know instinctively what is off limits. They are loyal and never competitive.

Even when a friend is head over heels in love, she still makes time for you.

 A friend is frank and isn?t hesitant to let it be known when you are being a pain in the butt. She is not your yes-man but your wing man who grabs your arm to prevent you from walking out into traffic or gives you a don?t-do-it look if you are veering off into dangerous territory and not using good judgment.

A good friend knows when to say, ?I?m sorry? and knows when to accept an apology and let bygones be bygones.

A true friend does not try to take over her friend’s bridal gown appointment at Kleinfeld?s. She is supportive and likes what the bride likes because it?s her friend?s wedding, not hers.

A friend knows her friend’s secrets and the silly things that the two of you have done in the past and will probably do again.

A friend likes your kids and sometimes babysits, for free.

A friend defends her friend when push comes to shove.

A good friend wants the very best for you. She might even loan you her toothbrush in a pinch.

She makes you laugh until your belly hurts, and you pee your pants.

As Aristotle, the philosopher, said, ?In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.?

Call a friend, send an email. Friendships are fundamental. Stay in touch with those who knew and understood you best.