Tips on what jewelry to wear with a lace dress for the perfect fashion balance

Tips on what jewelry to wear with a lace dress for the perfect fashion balance

Who doesn?t love that lace has finally made its way back into our fashion-loving hearts? It?s feminine and classy, and at the same time the intricate, subtle peekaboos naturally make a gal feel sexy. This trend will continue going strong for some time, so it?s a good idea to conquer its dark side.

Accessorizing a lacy number is tricky because it?s so easy to go overboard. From head to toe ? makeup to shoes ? choosing what designer jewelry to wear is a challenge when you are accenting a lace dress. The right path begins with select jewelry, but the answer depends on the type of outfit.


While not all lace dresses are made for date nights, many are. If yours is too sultry for the office then it falls under the evening category. This style is all about the drama, so there?s no need to default to the safest choices of silver or black earrings.

Yes, accessories should be sparing. Why wear lace only to busy it up with the entire contents of your jewelry box? You?re actually in luck in the inspiration department as this style has resulted in some of the hottest numbers on the red carpet lately. For example, Mila Kunis paired her lavender Oscar gown with a glamorous pair of glittering earrings and glamorous super shiny waves in her hair.


At night, you?re competing with a number of visual attractions. Whether going to an event or candlelit restaurant, if you want to stand out in the right way this is a good occasion for statement jewelry ? but only one piece. A glitzy cocktail ring or eye-catching earrings with a matching beaded bag will complement your outfit.

If you?re going for an ultra luxurious look, crystal, rhinestones or diamonds will add a perfect finishing touch. For a different twist, refer to Dole and Gabbana ads, the ones featuring lush, baroque jewelry and women in gorgeous lace dresses. Think about the timelessness of dark red lips, high heels, maybe a rose in your hair, all paired with chandelier earrings or a necklace with a gold pendant.


A string of pearls pairs beautifully with lace clothing because they both have a vintage look. The light weight and simplicity balances the delicate feel of this fabric ? clunky jewelry will only weigh it down. Not a fan of pearls? Try an elegant chain with a metal pendant or a simple, lightweight beaded necklace.


Wondering what jewelry to wear with a lace dress happens whether we?re heading to a wedding or a street fair. Casual numbers can be just as challenging, especially if you want to work in a little more color into trendy outfit for spring. Remember, minimalism means chic, not boring.

Try stained red lips and a bold gemstone ring or pendant with thick, lower heels. For black or neutral color outfits, vivid coral or pink accessories pop in a striking way. They brighten up the whole look and add a nice, festive mood. Loose, unfussy hair and a denim or fitted military-style jacket will complete the look.

Red accessories bring out the flirty, mysterious lure of a lace number. Choose a piece in a burgundy or deep wine hue with a silver or black chain and shoe. Classic faceted earrings with a loose fishtail braid can easily help you transition from a day to evening look.

Knowing what jewelry to wear with a lace dress will have you looking your best any time. A successful outfit is always a matter of knowing when to edit and with lace that skill is essential. When in doubt, pare down.