To figure out what makes a good coworker gift, you can use these shopping tips

To figure out what makes a good coworker gift, you can use these shopping tips

You may not know your coworker that well but it is still nice to observe her birthday or any special occasion you are aware of. Usually you will know what’s brewing because word travels fast in an office setting.

On the other hand, you may have become very best buds with your colleague during the years spent in your side by side cubicles. Whatever the work relationship there is always something appropriate and fun to give your work friend or work acquaintance.

What is a good coworker gift? Flowers and plants delivered are always great because, well, they’re personal and the recipient knows you went out of your way to get something special for them. Choose an arrangement that is seasonal or in their favorite colors, and the excitement of a delivery more than pays for itself! 

A cosmetic case with the woman’s name embroidered on it is perfect for the woman who wears make-up. The case is big enough to be stuffed chalk full of make-up but also small enough to take along when traveling. 

A personalized coffee cup is always a good choice. It’s special but not too personal. Additionally, your associate will always know which cup is his.


What does he do in his off time?

If helps if you know what a person’s hobbies are when looking for a gift. Does she collect anything? What does she like to do on weekends? Does he read? If so, give him a gift certificate to a bookstore. 

Does the person have a favorite restaurant? Give him a gift certificate for the restaurant or to any place he regularly frequents as a customer. 

A new baby!

Did your associate have a baby? Give her a personalized throw pillow. It’s a keepsake. The baby’s name, date and time of birth and its parents names are imprinted on the pillow in playful, colorful fonts. 


An usual but very fun gift for a colleague is a yard flag: Eat, Drink and Be Scary … The Johnsons .. which is such a cool Halloween present, and can be used for years and years. 


It’s Christmas. Why can you get your friends at work? Purchase stockings with individual names embroidered on them. Hang them up in the office, making it more festive.

Buy personalized tree ornaments, which are affordable and will be used for years by the recipient.

Get a mouse pad featuring your friend’s family picture. This is a constant reminder of her kids and spouse while at work.

If you are crafty or a good baker, make them a homemade gift, which is truly a present from the heart. They will appreciate the time and effort you put into the gift.

Another alternative is making a donation to the person’s charity of choice in their name. 

Of course, not all associates are your best friends, as earlier noted, but you still want to get them something. It just shouldn’t be as intimate or expensive as a gift you would give to a dear friend, who also happens to be your colleague. 

If nothing else, give your associate a card. Heck, make one for him. Little gestures are as appreciated as the big, expensive ones. 


If you have a super duper best friend at work and want to give her something extra special, do it after hours and away from the office. This way the others won’t feel left out or slighted.

A token of appreciation is what you need to come up with for the rest of the work crew. It needn’t be expensive. Just knowing that you remembered and took the time to observe the occasion will mean volumes to the person.