What to put in wedding guest welcome bags

Here's what to put in wedding guest welcome bags to delight your guests

Here’s what to put in wedding guest welcome bags to delight your guests

Welcome bags are a pleasant surprise for wedding guests. Odds are high you?re going to be too busy to greet them yourself, so these small goodies are an easy way to let everyone know you’re happy they came. As one of the first things people will see, they help set a friendly, comfortable tone for what’s ahead.

You can easily put together a few thoughtful treats in personalized wedding bags without pushing the budget. Whether you?re having a destination wedding or hosting a small group of friends and family in the back yard, this is the kind of small detail people will remember. The big question is what to put in wedding guest welcome bags. 

Many brides choose practical items that will either enhance guests? experience at the reception or while they?re in town for the events. A nice mix of fun surprises and useful things will gear everyone up for a fantastic weekend. Set your budget and keep in mind the cost of every added item gets multiplied accordingly.

If you?re feeling a little overwhelmed with options, think of this as if you?re putting together a care package for everyone you love. Taking the time to hand-pick a few items shows you want them to have a good time. The gesture means more than what?s inside.

The bag

Start with the most obvious task: choosing the bag. This can either be the biggest or most affordable expense. Popular options include colorful, personalized paper bags and totes. The colorful bags add a festive touch to the reception and make it easy to customize with names, wedding date and a symbol or logo of the location.

If you?re planning a green wedding, reusable totes are a great way to go. With these you may want to go more subtle on the decoration so people will use them after. Choose a bag in one of your wedding colors or have names and date printed in a smaller font.


When deciding what to put in wedding guest welcome bags, think how people will feel as they arrive. Thirsty! Include a bottle or two of water to keep them hydrated. These are always nice to have when staying in a motel and will save them a trip to the vending machine later.

Tasty treats

Adding in a few treats will help boost everyone?s energy. If people have traveled a distance, they?ll appreciate local flavor whether it?s fresh fruits or locally made snack bars. Couples going DIY could ask a parent to bake a signature cookie or mini brownies. Savory options include rice cakes, nuts, popcorn and pretzels.


While many people can pull up a driving map on their Smartphones, nothing beats personal recommendations. Help guests make the most of their visit by including a local map highlighting great restaurants and scenic views. Ask the hotel for extra brochures on local attractions and staple them to the map so everything stays together.

Mind the weather

Not essential, but fun-to-have items, includes anything that?ll make the stay more comfortable. Sun screen and bug repellent are practical and often forgotten. Winter weddings may call for an extra pair of socks, gloves and basic lip balm. 

A keepsake

Give friends and family a little something to remember the experience. This can be as simple as a souvenir keychain or a locally-branded water bottle. Foodie couples may want to personalize a bottle of hot sauce or jar of jam.


Keep everyone on the same page by including a wedding itinerary. This way guests won?t miss a thing and can squeeze in a hike or nap on their free time. Times and locations are important!

Don’t worry too much about what to put in wedding guest welcome bags. Your loving sentiment will come across.