What to wear to bed if you are always cold

Here's what to wear to bed if you are always cold so you stay warm at night

Here’s what to wear to bed if you are always cold so you stay warm at night

ver noticed how some people are always chilly while others in the same room will break into a sweat? In some cases, it comes down to certain hormones that regulate internal temperature. For others, temperature sensitivity can be caused by stress, body weight, circulation and the type of clothes they wear.

Regardless of the cause, being cold indoors is annoying. It can also weaken the immune system, lead to fatigue and make it difficult to concentrate on anything beyond staying warm. For many people with high heating costs, turning up that thermostat isn?t a financial option.  

If you work in a sub-arctic office space, bring extra layers and talk to your boss about sitting away from the air conditioner. At home, you can pile on the blankets while watching a movie and slip into your favorite sweat pants. But what about when you’re trying to sleep?

Warm pajamas are a necessity. Knowing what to wear to bed if you are always cold can be the difference between waking up sick and exhausted, or ready to start the day.


Have you ever noticed how cozy kids look when they wear a onesie? It makes sense. This style of pajama basically envelops them in a warm blanket. Similar to snug inner layers worn under sweaters in winter, onesies retain body heat.

Good news! Now there are onesies for adults with styles designed to appeal to men and women. In fact, one-piece feetie pajamas have been having a moment for a few years, ever since celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Ellen DeGeneres began raving about how comfortable they are.


Imagine getting under the covers on a cold night and warming up in a matter of minutes. These playful pajamas zipper down the front and sometimes come with hoods for extra warmth. If you?re accustomed to thin silky nightgowns, remember it?s hard to feel sexy when you?re shivering. Besides, onesies are fun, flirty and a perfect way to sleep tight.


Soft, thick flannel pajamas will keep you toasty all night long. They come in a wide range of styles from matching top and draw string bottoms, to long sleep shirts. Tightly woven from fine cotton, this style is extremely popular in New England and other cold regions because it?s comfortable, versatile and stands up to the harshest winter temperatures.

Thermal wool

Soft thermal wool is a top material for mountain climbers who need insulation while sleeping on cold rock at night. Wool pajamas insulate so cold air can?t get in and your body heat can?t escape. They’re a stylish answer to what to wear to bed if you are always cold. Best of all, wool stabilizes the body temperature, which means you won?t have to worry about waking up in a cold sweat.


You can wear the world’s warmest pajamas, but if your feet are bare you may still get cold. Treat yourself to a comfy pair of socks. Whether you prefer soft cozy socks, luxurious cashmere or thermals that go up to your mid-calf, socks are what to wear to bed if you are always cold. According to recent studies, they?ll also help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of sleep.

In addition to warm sleepwear, consider getting thick curtains or window guards to block drafty windows. If your feet turn to ice no matter how many socks you wear, try a hot water bottle and place it under the covers at the foot of the bed.

Still cold? Invest in a down comforter or electric blanket. A heated mattress pad will provide a welcome layer of warmth from underneath. And if you have a pet, train them to sleep near your feet.