What to wear under a sheer lace top

Learn what to wear under a sheer lace top to make a fashion statement

Learn what to wear under a sheer lace top to make a fashion statement

You purchased a sassy see-through top that is rather revealing. What to wear under a sheer lace top depends on how comfortable you are about exposing skin and where you plan to wear the top. 

A beautiful bra worn under a sheer top is an option but some women are not that unabashed – nor would this be appropriate attire for the traditional office. 

On the other hand, sheer clothing can be worn to work if done properly and discreetly. Do not get carried away. 

The Look 

You can wear a translucent top over a variety of items including what is normally considered quite traditional. Put on a button-up oxford and layer it with a diaphanous filmy cover. This is an unexpected pairing: Rigid coupled with soft and flowy. This works in the office

If you are wearing black or any solid color from head to toe, toss on a gossamer top that lends texture and depth to the monochromatic outfit. The filmy shirt should be loose, not tight.



Some gossamer tops are not entirely sheer. They feature panels of filmy material placed next to opaque panels. This is more modest than a completely sheer top. When there are cut outs and panels this is visually interesting. The cut outs are often in the shape of diamonds or chevron. You are showing off a bit of flesh but not too much. 


Select filmy materials in whites, pastels and cream, which create an ethereal look. Keep accessories at a minimum. The see-through top is your accessory and you don’t need much more. 

Crop Tops

If you are into crop tops but hesitant to brazenly show off your mid-section, put a sheer lace or mesh top on over the crop. This way you are kind of showing off your abs but also kind of not. Of course, this is not the proper look for a conservative office but it is great for date night.


If you love the androgynous look, go for it but soften the look with diaphanous fabrics such as a transparent blouse worn over a camisole coupled with a nicely tailored jacket and pants. Camisoles are perfect for wearing under lacy, filmy tops. 


Get edgy and wear a feminine lacy outer top over a leather bustier. 

Wear a full slip under gauzy material. For example, don a dark-colored slip under a nude, sheer lacy top. The great thing about sheers is they add visual interest and texture to conventional shapes. 


Keep in mind that printed or embellished translucent materials are not as see-through as those without prints or embellishments. They give you a little more coverage.

A sheer blouse should be buttoned-up, offsetting the suggestive nature of the top.

If you know your bra is going to show, wear one featuring delicate details such as eyelash lace edging or a corset-like brassier or a printed bra. The color of the bra needs to complement the top.


Consider wearing a clear bib necklace under a sheer blouse. Keep accessories at a minimum because they will compete with the sheer garment.