What to wear with sterling silver

Deciding what to wear with sterling silver calls on your basic fashion sense

Deciding what to wear with sterling silver calls on your basic fashion sense

When you are heading out for a night on the town, or to a party at your friends or family’s house you want to always look your best. You might even think you know the exact outfit you want to wear to whatever event you are attending. The fact of the matter is that if you really want to pull off a look that tells everyone around that you have your fashion sense down pat you need to accessorize. This doesn’t mean that you need a top hat or monocle, but the right kind of jewelry, for both men and women, can really complete the look.

Sterling Silver jewelry is one of the best looking and classiest accessory options.Selecting what to wear with sterling silver really comes down to what you were planning on wearing to begin with — and what kind of style you feel most comfortable in. Remember, though, where you are going can also play a role in choosing how to accessorize.

If you are heading out for a night at the opera or to some other rather fancy gathering, sterling silver can come in handy. A woman’s best little black dress can come off as quite stunning, if you help by accessorizing it with a big, bold silver bracelet and dramatic silver earrings. The stark lack of color of the black dress is accentuated by the sparkle of the silver. Because both colors are very basic they complement each other, rather than overriding one another.

For men, a classic tuxedo or a very dark suit coat is always a nice touch when you are going to a fancy get-together. Just like women, donning an accessory that is set in sterling silver will help set off the look, without drawing the eye too severely to one part of the attire or another. If you have a more traditional dress shirt with French cuffs, then silver cuff links are the way to go. If that accessory isn’t your cup of tea you can still get the grey glint by donning a signet ring or a watch that has the silver backing.


The real fact of the matter is that sterling silver is a basic tone that it can be partnered with almost any type of clothing that isn’t too casual. If you want to look your best when going out, the real question isn’t what to wear with sterling silver jewelry but rather what not to wear with those accessories.

A watch that has a silver band can be worn almost all the time, but it is better matched with dress clothes than if you are heading out to the tennis court. T-shirts and cutoff jeans aren’t really going to go all that well with a bracelet that has a silver backing and is encrusted with jewels.

If you aren’t going with a black ensemble, silver can go with a whole host of colors, but one thing you want to stay away from is wearing a lot of gold jewelry. There seems to be something mildly unpleasant to the eye when someone is wearing a great deal of accessories that have different colored settings.

If you want to make sure that you are turning heads for the right reasons when you hit the town, you need to make a choice when it comes to the kind of jewelry you wear. There’s nothing with wearing gold and there’s nothing with wearing silver. Both kinds of jewelry can be matched with a wide variety of clothing options, but those kinds of jewelry often don’t coordinate well with each other.