When to ignite a stogie

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When to ignite a stogie and when to wait

When to ignite a stogie and when to wait

Stogies were invented to bring on the good times. Historians may disagree, but we believe this is the truth. Knowing when to ignite a stogie is like knowing when to pop a bottle of sparkling wine, or punctuate a sentence with an exclamation mark!

Affordable and satisfying, stogies are the everyman?s pleasure. The name is derived from a specific thin cigar that as made in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. Over the years, the term has broadened to refer to all cigars, particularly those enjoyed often.

Now that you have the skinny on stogies, let?s go over some of the most opportune times to enjoy them. Singles, note that joining cigar smoking hunks and hotties is an excellent way to break the ice.

It?s a boy or girl or both

The birth of a baby marks a huge change in life as you know it, but these are good changes. Bring on the onesies, but celebrate this moment first. If you?re looking for a little gift for a new parent, stop by the cigar shop first to carry on this grand tradition.


After dinner

Knowing when to ignite a stogie entails considering your surroundings. Nothing finishes off a meal like a nice smoke, but others around you may disagree. Be prepared to step out of the dining room if smoke bothers your dinner company, and wait until everyone is finished eating.

The sleepy lull following carb-centric holiday meals are prime to direct anyone who?d like to partake into the smoking section. Pour a few glasses of water, or the hard stuff, and enjoy a few laughs and easy conversation with those you don?t get to see nearly as often as you?d like.

New job or promotion

A new job or promotion means prosperous times are ahead and the moment to smoke a stogie is right now. Invite some friends over to toast to your talents and all around awesomeness. This is only the beginning of your success so enjoy every minute of it.

Crossing the finishing line

Achieving a major goal is huge so mark the moment. Whether your goal was to finish painting a room, writing a book or rearranging furniture, if you’ve achieved it then you’ve earned some quality time with a classic stogie. But do take this figuratively (no lighting up on an actual race’s finish line). 

Rewarding yourself for hard work is a natural way to keep the momentum going. Before moving on to your next challenge, reflect on what you did to make this project a success and what you enjoyed most about it. Collecting your thoughts between puffs will prepare you better for next time.

“Vacation all I ever wanted”

Finally you get to kick off the confines of dress shoes and office attire and let loose a little. Light up a cigar and you?ll actually feel like you?re on vacation. If you?re with family, wait till the kids are asleep so you can enjoy the view and flavors without distraction. 

Going on a romantic getaway? Book a smoking room with a balcony and end the evening relaxing under the stars with a stogie in one hand and your sweet heart in the other arm.


Cigars make excellent props in photos so if you?re at a social occasion, be prepared to smile. Take a cue from smokers of the silver screen and pose the cigar held slightly off to the side. For fun wedding photos, distribute stogies all around to the bride, groom and whole wedding party.

Know when to add ignition to a stogie and the world is yours to charm. Choose your moments, but don?t over think it. When the mood strikes, step off to an area where smoking is allowed and enjoy whatever the rest of the day has to offer.