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Where to find promo codes

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Know where to find promo codes for great deals and savings when you shop

Know where to find promo codes for great deals and savings when you shop

In this day and age, people are always on the lookout for ways to save a little money. With the economy still limping along, there is less money flying around. While consumers are trying to save as much money as they can, retailers are looking for ways to get those people to spend their hard earned money. One of the best ways retailers can lure someone in — and also the best way to save a little money when you need to make a purchase — is through the use of coupon or promo codes. Both codes basically do the same thing, and usually work online in order to give you a service or product free or deeply discounted.

While almost everyone would love to have these kinds of discounts, not everyone knows where to find promo codes. This information is far from being kept secret, retailers want people to find these because it means that they will be doing some buying. 

The savvy shopper simply needs to know where to look to find these discounts.

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This online shopping portal lists over 750 catalogs and online stores. Many of these stores offer deals that can be redeemed by using a promo code found on the page describing their brand. Savings offers on this site are easy to find: look for the red banner. Deals change regularly here, and registering for the savings newsletter will have new promo codes delivered right to your inbox.

If there aren’t savings at your favorite store, there may be a deal next week! Free shipping specials are especially great for helping you spend less money when shopping online.



Another of the biggest and most reliable places to get promo and coupon codes is Retailmenot. This site covers promo codes for almost any product under the sun. There are Internet codes that can be used at sites like and Best The best part about this site is that there really is no limit to what you can find. There are menu deals for places like Papajohns. The site offers up promo codes, but you can also download printable coupons as well as grocery coupons such as coupons for cereal and paper towels. The site truly is one of the top promo code sites on the web.

Yahoo Deals

While Retailmenot may be one of the best sites out there for grocery and general goods, there are others that cover any kind of merchandise that site may not have covered. Perhaps the hiring of Marissa Mayer will get Yahoo to bump up their signature promo codes site.  

Yahoo Deals is actually a bit of a hybrid of a promo code site and a place like Groupon. You can get a daily deal on services and goods like workout classes. Some of these deals really can save you a good deal of money, if you are looking out for just the right deal at just the right time. The site also offers a huge variety of different coupon and promo codes that have various expiration dates that allow people to see which ones they should snap up first.

The Yahoo site also has a couple of different tabs that give the consumer local and national deals, which can help you find what you are looking for quicker and easier.

One up and coming site that is offering promo codes is The site offers up exactly what you would expect from the name and works much the same way the other two sites in this article do. 

There are a few different features that this site offers up that the others don’t. One of the best features this site features is that while you can do a ton search on your own using their “browse categories” function there is also a tab that offers up the newest codes as well as the most popular.

Of course, the categories function also works well when you are looking for a deal on a specific item. If you know exactly what you are looking for, this site works well to find if there are any discounts from anywhere on the web.


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