Tips for writing personalized messages

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Follow these tips when you need to personalize a message

Follow these tips when you need to personalize a message

Writing notes and letters for special occasions can be difficult for some people. Where to put the capital letter or the comma or how to say exactly what you mean is a challenge many people do not want to take on, but it should not be such a hassle. After all, it is truly the thought that counts.

The person on the receiving end of your note or letter will be grateful that you took the time to personalize it in the first place. To set your mind at ease, here are a few things to think about when writing personalized messages to make your gift special.

First, look for a company that will help with things such as personalized anniversary gifts for parents. One of the more popular gifts over the past few years has been personalized figurines and momentos from porcelain flower bouquets to teddy bears.

Think about it for a moment. If someone picked out a small collectible and decorative item, and then added a few nice words to it specifically as a gift for you, wouldn?t it be something you would cherish?


Personalized collectibles are a great gift for a new mom, a grandparent, or a teacher, but what do you say to make it personal? Many companies often provide someone to help you craft just the perfect sentiment for any gift you may want to send, but you can do it yourself. Writing a personal greeting and crafting a short, sweet and unique thought is simple.

Here are a few tips for writing personalized messages like a pro.

What do you want to tell the recipient? If you know the ending, it will be much easier to get there. Is this a congratulations note about adding a new baby to the family or a thank you note for being such a great listener in a time of need? Think about what you want to accomplish before beginning and it will make it much easier for you to write.

Use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, uh, Sweetie. You can look up the KISS principle for direction on writing short, effective messages. If you keep it short and sweet, the reader will get the message in a blink rather than having to wade through a lot of words to convey one simple message. Remember, the fact that you are writing personalized messages in the first place will make your recipient?s day.

Begin with your reason for writing. Do you want to thank someone for their kindness? Start with, ?Thank you for your kindness,? and go from there. What about that new baby? You can start with, ?Congratulations on your new baby.? It is that simple to write personalized messages to anyone for any reason or occasion.

Change the words around to make them original. Substitute a nickname. Use family “slogans” or phrases that other people might not understand, but that have meaning for your closest relatives. Refer to an “inside” joke to make a personalized gift and greeting extra special.

Borrow a short phrase from a favorite poem, prayer or saying. Read greeting cards for ideas. Search for popular quotes in books and on websites. 

Follow these few tips for writing personalized messages and you will end up with a unique gift for your favorite person.


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