Here A bass hardshell case will protect your bass guitar
Bass Hardshell Case – zZounds Music

Protect your bass guitar with a bass hardshell case

When traveling on the road, protect your bass guitar from accidental bumps and mishaps by carrying it in a bass hardshell case. Surround your prized asset in a durable frame that not only protects your guitar but also makes moving from place to place easy.

  • The RockCase by Warwick Universal Electric Bass Hardshell Case is impressive at first glance.... read more

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Constructed from solid wood, the interior which has additional impact protection, is luxuriously lined inside with black velvet that’s stitched all around for added durability. Additional features include an inner compartment, two solid lockable snap locks and two non-lockable snap locks; a strong handle that’s covered in vintage leather; and a solid, broad neck section with an additional neck pad.

  • Your bass guitar will fit snuggly in the Hofner Hardshell Case. Made specifically for the Icon B Bass Guitar, this bass hardshell case has a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that if you are not completely happy with your case, you can return it with no further obligation.

  • Finding the right bass harshell case is easy when you have a nice selection to choose from. Consider the Epiphone Thunderbird, designed to specifically fit these guitars, or the Epiphone EB3CS Hardshell Case made for EB3 and EBO Basses.

  • Your bass guitar will last for as long as you desire if you take care of it. Keep your investment protected in a bass hardshell case and it will last for years.

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