Here A wooden storage chest keeps flatware safe
Wooden Storage Chest - Classic Hostess

A wooden storage chest will store and protect precious flatware

Store your flatware and silverware sets in a wooden storage chest to keep them protected and safe.

  • A variety of chests and caddies - Choose a wooden storage chest in cherry wood, leatherette, mahogany, oak or walnut. Small chests are ideal for smaller sets, while deluxe models hold hundreds of pieces.

  • Elegant touches make storage chests cherished items - Engraveable brass name plates, tarnish-preventive interiors, brass-finished handles and handcrafted finishes make these chests beautiful houseware items that you'll lovingly keep and pass on.... read more

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More About Wooden Storage Chest - Classic Hostess:

A wooden storage chest makes a great gift to the new bride or couple moving into a new home.

  • Choose the style just right for you - Chests come in different styles, including Provincial, natural and modern. Select the chest that most matches your home's decor for a harmonious accessory that adds to the surrounding beauty.

  • A wooden storage chest from Classic Hostess is a perfect gift...for yourself or for someone you care about.

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