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Wilderness survival tools are great for people who love the outdoors

Campers, hikers and anyone who loves spending time outdoors will find tons of useful wilderness survival tools at Herrington.

  • Outdoorsy types will appreciate the variety of wilderness survival tools, which include waterproof gear boxes, multi-use Swiss Army knives, roomy backpacks, LED lamps and much more. Whether you're camping or rafting down river, you'll have everything you need to stay comfortable and safe.... read more

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More About Wilderness Survival Tools - Herrington Catalog:

  • Not only are wilderness survival tools designed for leisure activities, they can save your life in an emergency. Stranded hikers can use self-powered crank radios to charge cell phones and call for help. A mini survival module contains a loud, piercing alarm that can be heard over a mile away and contains a compass to lead you back to civilization. A magnifier and flashlight are also on this incredibly handy gadget, something every camper shouldn't be without!

  • Plan your outdoor adventures with safety in mind and carry along wilderness survival tools that are useful whether you're getting food or looking for your way home.

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