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Princess party ideas for a princess of a girl

Make her next party fit for a princess with princess party ideas. From decorations to favors to costumes and accessories, your little princess will love the party you plan for her.

  • Princesses love pretty things - Celebrate her birthday or any special occasion with the things princesses love best, including butterfly wands, heart wands, princess hats, jeweled bracelets and necklaces.... read more

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  • Turn the party place into a castle - Make any place a castle that your princess will love to rule! Princess party ideas like metallic curtains and sheeting, along with butterfly decorations and pink star garlands bring the princess fantasy to life.

  • Every girl can be a princess - Treat party-goers to favors like butterfly hair bands, princess purse key chains, coin purses, lite up wands, wand pens and rubber bracelets that say "Princess." Put these princess party ideas in paper treat bags for your guests to take home.

  • Century Novelty has all the princess party ideas you need to make your little princess happy.

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