Booty Parlor

Seductive beauty products, romantic treats and sexy adult gifts

Booty Parlor catalog is the place confident, sexy women go to find the flirty cosmetics, kissable body shimmer, massage oils and sexy gifts that put the fun in couples play time.

  • Sexy Beauty Products - You will be enchanted with the beauty potions here, from the firming creams and bronzer to Kissoholic plumping lip gloss and aphrodisiac infused breath mist. If you want to ramp up the sex appeal, you'll love their pheromone body lotion, perfume oil and pink caviar scrub. You've heard about chocolate body paint, and now you know where to buy it, complete with a sassy little pink paintbrush. Make this store your love potion source, every beauty product here will have you radiating sexiness.

  • Romantic Couple Time - The couple that plays together stays together, and this is the store to find fun and sexy products to inspire your intimate interludes. Find flirty marital aids that make your couple time more fun, with edible body toppings in an exotic cocktail of flavors that do double duty as massage gel.

  • Gifts for Frisky Fun - Want to add some spice to your gift giving for her, for him or to make a statement at the girls' night party or bridal shower? These sexy gifts start with names like Turn Me On and Good Girl Bad Girl we'll let your imagination take it from there. The Booty Parlor catalog offers fun gift bundles that turn a simple present into a tempting Romantic Rendezvous Lovekit or inspiration for a sexy Mojo Makeover.
Everything at Booty Parlor was created by founder Dana B. Myers to inspire women to feel sexy, confident and inspired, both in the bedroom and outside of it. Use the tempting coupon code today to start your own adventure in the online beauty parlor for your love life.

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