Three Custom Color Specialists

Custom Cosmetics - Custom Blend your cosmetics from concealers to eye shadows, discontinued lipsticks and more.

Three Custom Color Specialists will help you get the look you want, even if your favorite cosmetics have been discontinued with a collection of custom cosmetics for the eyes, lips, cheeks and face.

Custom cosmetics - Whether it's a sun-kissed bronzer or a discontinued lipstick in your signature shade of red, if you've found yourself constantly searching for cherished shades that have long since disappeared from the makeup counters, the Three Custom Color Specialists can help. Just specify the brand and shade name, and they will reproduce your beloved cosmetics lipsticks, powders and bronzers, or they'll help you create your very own custom cosmetics shades from scratch!


Cosmetics lipsticks - Pucker up with a vibrant collection of cosmetics lipsticks that will help your lips look plumper, fuller, more defined and totally kissable with lip stains, pencils and glosses that cover a full range of colors for any and every skin tone. No matter if you're trying out a new shade or trusting them to recreate your favorite discontinued lipsticks from the past, your "recipe" will remain in the Three Custom Color Specialists files for re-ordering that is easier than 1-2-3!


Concealer cosmetics - Begin every makeup application with the perfect palette with versatile concealer cosmetic formulas that are appropriate for all skin types and designed to cover up redness, dark circles and other minor imperfections quickly and effectively. Choose from 10 shades of creme concealer foundation cosmetics, professional concealer palettes and refills, plus other face savers including warming bronzer cosmetics and light and silky cosmetics powder that delivers a flawless finish that lasts all day long.


Eye cosmetics - Find a collection of eye cosmetics that will help you achieve a perfectly smoking smoky eye with ultimate ease. You'll find eye shadows and definers, eye pencils, cremes, brow powders, gels and mascaras as well as custom cosmetics created eye shadows, eye liners or brow powder shades in their unique, finely-milled wet/ dry formula, with formulas inspired by your favorite discontinued brands!

If you've been on the lookout for hard-to-find eye cosmetics, discontinued lipsticks, concealers, bronzers or makeup tools for easy applications, the Three Custom Color Specialists offer a premium collection of custom cosmetics that are truly made in the shade.

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