Envy Me

Exceptional cosmetics and mineral skin care for beautiful women

Enhance your natural beauty and bring out your loveliness with professional cosmetics, skin care and mineral makeup.

What's Inside:

  • Pure mineral cosmetics - Treat your skin to the sheer beauty of bare minerals makeup. Natural mineral make up evens skin tones, covers flaws and provides essential sun protection in one easy to apply step.

  • Professional makeup - Get the products make up professionals chose for their clients. From a silky and nourishing liquid foundation to crease resistant eye shadow and smudge proof mascara, they have gathered the very finest in professional cosmetics at surprisingly affordable prices.

  • Vitamins for healthy skin - Create beauty from the inside out with supplements designed for healthy, glowing skin, and sleek, strong hair.

  • The best beauty products for your hair - Make your hair your crowning glory with shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for every hair type. Whether you need to control oily hair, or add essential moisture to dry hair, the perfect hair care products are at Envy Me.

  • Make up brushes and other essential beauty tools - You’ll find the right makeup brushes for your powder foundation, blush, eye color and mineral cosmetics in their collection of beauty tools. From nail care implements to hair brushes, professional quality results depend on having the right tools. Envy Me has them all.

  • Nail care - Keep your nails looking beautiful with manicure and pedicure implements, nail conditioners, and an amazing collection of nail lacquers and polishes.

From bare minerals makeup and exceptional skin care products to hair care, nail care and make up brushes, a more beautiful you awaits at Envy Me.