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Flea and tick care keeps your dog healthy and comfortable

You want your dog to be comfortable and healthy, so flea and tick care is important. Whether you give your pooch once-a-month treatments or use specially designed shampoos, your dog can be flea and tick free.

  • A dog who isn't constantly scratching is a happy dog. Plus, your home is free from nasty parasites, so choose the right flea and tick care to keep these bugs off your pet and out of your home.... read more

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You can select from well-known brand such as K9 Advantix, Advantage, Frontline and Bio Spot. Various products are designed for use on your dog as well as on your carpet and yard.

  • Doctors Foster and Smith have a great and effective selection of flea and tick care for your dog. Grooming combs provide additional bonding time as well as aids to rid your pup of bugs. You'll even find natural flea and tick control for anyone seeking a botanical solution to this pesky problem. How you choose to rid your canine pal of fleas and ticks is entirely up to you!

  • With the right flea and tick care, your home, yard and precious pup can be free of these annoying pests, allowing her to be healthier and happier.

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