Horticulture Catalog: The Greenhouse Greenthumb Resource

Horticulture is both the science and industry of plant cultivation. This includes the procedure of making ready the soil that is needed for planting seeds, cuttings, or tubers. The work of a horticulturist centers on fruits, berries, turf, trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers, and nuts, and it is geared to improving crop yield, quality, resistance to insects, and nutritional value. Horticulture is smaller-scale gardening, while agriculture is larger-scale crop cultivation.

Getting Started

Beginning with Pruning: Explanation of how a horticulturist can start off by pruning plants as a way of controlling size and other factors.

Resource Page: Webpage that functions as an authoritative guide with glossaries and terminologies sure to help a horticulturist get started in his exploration of the subject.

Database of Plants: Website of the USDA, which features a plant identification database to teach horticulturists all they need to know about plants.

Recognition of Tropical Plants: Website that aids horticulturists in identifying tropical plants, enabling them to gain more knowledge in the field.

Material, Structure and Equipment

Horticultural Tools Page: Webpage that provides several links to websites that offer a multitude of horticultural equipment and tools.

Fruit Sorting Website: Website for a manufacturer that specializes in equipment for the sortation of fruits.

Horticulture Equipment: Website of a company that sells a host of horticulture equipment from tillers and chainsaws to tractors.

Tractors: Webpage from Louisiana State University discusses the wisdom of using older tractors versus more compact tractors in horticulture.

Climate Conditions and Temperature

Soil Temperature: Webpage that talks about the significance of soil temperature in horticulture since it impacts the speed of plant growth.

Temperature Averages: Article that dispels the long-held myth that tomato plants are responsive to either day or nighttime temperatures alone.

Climate Changes and Horticulture: Webpage that discusses the effects of climate conditions and their impact on horticulture.

Risks Related to Climate Conditions: Exploration of how horticulture is subjected to production risks that stem from things like climate conditions.

Soil Research

Soil Condition Questions Answered: Webpage that delivers answers to horticulture soil questions that involve topics like a waterlogged garden and shingle ground.

Soil Testing in Horticulture: The need for a soil test is discussed, especially in the case of flower beds or lawns not performing how horticulturists would like.

Soil Issues: Webpage from North Dakota State University uses a video to explain the importance of soil testing to determine if issues, such as the failure to grow grass, are due to the soil.

pH Balance in Soil: Article that talks about chancing the pH balance in soil in order to get better results in growing fruits and plants.

Water and Irrigation Systems

Getting Started with Irrigation: Article that explains how important irrigation is to horticulture and how it can be properly performed by budding horticulturists.

Lawn Irrigation that works: Article from Oregon State University discusses how to effectively irrigate your lawn for the best results.

Drip Irrigation?: Exploration of the usefulness of drip irrigation, which is bringing small quantities of water to plants through low pressure.

All about Watering and Irrigation: From the University of Minnesota comes an examination into the use of irrigation for lawns.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit Tree Information: Information on a multitude of fruit trees is provided on a webpage from Binghamton University.

Ingesting Food from the Garden: Article from the University of Missouri about how eating food straight from the garden is healthier for kids.

Fruit Tree Resource Page: Webpage from PennState’s horticulture department features fact sheets and publications on fruit trees.

Fruit Questions: Questions related to horticulture, such as what the best way to grow apricots is and the kinds of bananas to be grown in North Florida.

Planting Seeds Research

Planting Seeds for the Spring: Advice on when people should start planting seeds for spring.

Growing Vegetable Seeds: Webpage that lists a multitude of different vegetable seeds and the best times to begin growing them.

Seed Potato Choosing: Webpage that guides visitors on how to go about choosing seed potato for planting, in addition to handling and planting.

Planting Vegetable Seeds Properly: Instructional article presents what you have to do in order to plant vegetable seeds in the right manner for increased success.

Growing Tips and How-to Tips

Tips on Growing Trees: Article by horticulture specialist on how to grow trees in a person’s very own backyard.

Tips on Squash Growing: Webpage that offers tips on growing squash features tips on planting, site selection, and soil selection.

Asparagus-growing Tips: Informative webpage that details how to get the most out of growing asparagus.

Gardening Tips: Gardening tips from the Ira Nelson Horticulture Center include the most optimum times on when to grow certain crops.

Maintaining and Management

Maintaining Trees: Webpage that features information on a tree maintenance program that looks after the safety and health of trees.

Minimal Funding for Management: A look at how horticulture management crews are able to achieve a lot with limited funding in Prattville, Alabama.

Park Maintenance: Description of how the city of Boston is able to maintain their parks, which includes park partnerships by way of city neighorhoods.

Maintenance of a Garden: Helpful tips on the maintenance of a garden include advice like planting native plants to cut down on water needs.

Recommended Reading

Amazon: Webpage from Amazon featuring a whole list of books relates to horticulture and gardening advice.

List of Horticulture Books: Webpage that features a long list of books that are available for reading for any interested horticulturists.

Horticulture Books: Website that specializes in books that offer tips and recommendations on horticulture.

Horticulture Books Galore: Another website that features books that focus exclusively on horticulture and gardening for anyone interested.

Additional Resources