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Elegant rugs for every room - even a Leopard and Zebra rug animal print

Your home deserves the best of everything, including beautiful area rugs from Horchow Rugs exceptional collection of rugs for every taste and decor. Horchow rugs will add the finishing touch to any furniture grouping, conversation area or room design with a unique medallion or Zebra rug chosen by you.

What's Inside:
  • Horchow Rugs - Perhaps no other home decor item has the impact of a well-chosen area rug. For traditional and elegant area rugs, colorful medallion rugs and richly sculpted animal print rugs from a Zebra to Leopard rug, you'll find a thrilling selection of classic area rug designs from the Horchow Rugs collection.

  • Zebra rug - If you desire safari themed animal print rugs, feast your eyes on Horchow Rugs' collection of Zebra print rug designs that are almost too beautiful to walk on. From shearling and leather Zebra rugs to red stripe and hide Zebra rugs, Horchow Rugs has an animal pattern rug that will bring a touch of the wild to any room.

  • Animal print rugs - Bring exotic flair into your home with a vibrant upholstered zoo of animal print rugs. Find a unique Leopard rug, Tiger rug or Jaguar rug, or if cats aren't your thing, choose a Fishscale, Giraffe, Crocodile or Zebra rug for your floor. Horchow Rugs has the most realistic looking prints that make the perfect choice for any family room, den, informal living room or library.

  • Rugs by color - If you're looking for the perfect red rug for your living room, find rugs conveniently separated by color at Horchow Rugs. Introduce a unique blend of color, texture and pattern to your contemporary interior with their eclectic collection of modern area rugs. Whether you favor a blue rug or gold accent rug, red rugs, black rugs, brown rugs or even a black and white Zebra rug, you'll find your perfect shade in no time.

  • Medallion area rugs - If animal print rugs aren't your style, find a medallion area rug that will add a dash of regal elegance to your home. Choose from living room rugs that are crafted from hand-tufted virgin wool in exquisite designs of red, gold and ivory featuring a large central medallion. From floral to feather medallions, vines to monkey medallions, allow Horchow Rugs to add a handsome conversation piece to your home.

Horchow Rugs is the home decor catalog that understands the importance of the right floor rug for the right room. That's why their collection of traditional rugs, modern rugs, floral, whimsical and even Leopard, Zebra and other animal print rugs have been carefully selected for their quality, beauty, durability and style. For beauty underfoot in every room, Horchow rugs are the answer.