Phillips Seafood by Mail

Phillips Seafood - Gourmet crab cakes, seafood gifts, appetizers, soups, and recipes from Phillips Seafood By Mail catalog

Phillips Seafood By Mail brings Maryland's famous seafood restaurant to your door with seafood appetizers featuring heavenly crab cakes, tempting entrees and more seafood gifts that are sure to please.

What's Inside:

Phillips Seafood By Mail - For a seafood meal that is simply irresistible, Phillips Seafood knows how to set the table, with a mouth-watering selection of seafood delicacies. You'll savor their menu of seafood appetizers (featuring their delectable crab cakes), delight over enchanting entrees and even find delicious seafood recipes to add to your own recipe collection.


Seafood Appetizers - Whether you're crazy about crab, longing for lobster or searching for seafood, Phillips Seafood By Mail has a tempting selection of seafood appetizers to choose from. From their famous premium crab cakes to shrimp steamers, clams casino, caviar, dips, lobster claws and lobster cake minis that taste just as heavenly as their signature crab cakes, the chefs from Phillips will satisfy any seafood craving.


Phillips Seafood Crab Cakes - Take a bite of Phillips Seafood's By Mail best-selling premium crab cakes that are made by hand with sweet jumbo crab meat, a touch of mayonnaise, their secret blend of tasty seafood seasonings, and golden Ritz cracker crumbs. Choose from Premium, Signature or Mini Crab Cakes for a bite-sized seafood appetizer that everyone will love.


Seafood Entrees - Give them the seafood gift they've been craving with a to-die-for dinner that goes from the freezer to the table in record time. Choose from tender fish fillets, Maine lobster dinners, shrimp and crab entrees, seafood pot pies and more. Don't forget to add their signature seafood seasonings, cocktail sauce and other accoutrements to complement the perfect seafood meal.


Whether you're preparing a succulent crab cake, seafood appetizer or that unique gourmet crab cake dish, Phillips Seafood By Mail will deliver the gourmet seafood gifts that you need, directly to your kitchen door for the ultimate seafood feast.