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La Cense Beef

100% grass fed, natural American beef, from steaks to burgers and premium roasts

Voted #1 by the Wall St. Journal, La Cense Beef is the leading provider of 100% grass fed Black Angus beef, with the largest selection - from steaks to burgers and premium roasts. La Cense Beef contains absolutely no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or grain, and has fewer calories and more Omega-3s than traditional grain fed beef. Grass fed beef is better for you, better for the animals, and better for the land.

You can purchase their grass fed beef with complete confidence. A third party audit of the La Cense Grass Fed program, conducted by Verified Beef , concluded that La Cense Ranch practices ensure that their cattle are source and age verified, and are not administered any antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or growth promotants.

Taste the difference in better beef while contributing to a better world, with 100% grass fed beef, from the ranch to your door.

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