Aging Resources

Senior education books and DVDs to improve mental health

Aging Resources offers a complete mental workout library for Seniors including exercises, worksheets, reading activities, DVDs and other tools to improve the mental health of your aging parent, loved one or patient.

What's Inside:
  • Books for Caregivers - When it comes to senior citizens growing old, it isn't always easy to care for the ones who used to take care of us. Whether you are an unexpected caregiver or an experienced elder care professional, find a series of books and tools that will help you cope with aging issues as well as the challenges of caregiving. From communicating with health care professionals to coping with caregiver burnout, Aging Resources will guide you through this delicate process with care.

  • Mental fitness books - Find a wide selection of mental fitness books offering at least 10 tips to improve memory, talking photo albums, plus all of the information you need to successfully develop and use memory tools with older adults. Help enhance conversation, stretch their thinking and reduce confusion, anxiety, and frustration with memory improvement tips, puzzles, exercises and worksheets that will keep their brains active and alert.

  • Methods to improve Dementia - The early symptoms of dementia can take their toll on patients as well as caregivers. Help people with dementia function more independently and effectively with a selection of helpful learning DVD's including "Straight Talk About Dementia" and the "Dementia Caregivers' Training Package". Help enhance communication, learn methods to improve dementia, encourage compliance and tackle daily living activities with the aide of professionals every step of the way.

  • Alzheimers Disease and the elderly - Alzheimers affects all ages, so be prepared with a DVD from Aging Resources that offers a contemporary, compassionate and thorough explanation of Alzheimers disease that will help professional and family caregivers understand and cope with this difficult-to-manage disease.
Whether you need a book containing 10 tips to improve memory, mind puzzles and exercises for your aging parents and grandparents, or a sensitive selection of books for caregivers, allow Aging Resources to supply all of your Senior learning and re-learning needs with ease and understanding.