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Personal mobility devices allow active seniors to remain independent

You can still enjoy getting around on your own with an array of personal mobility devices perfect for the active senior.

  • Add some luxury to your mobility - These personal mobility devices are for the mature adult who appreciates quality in everything, including walking canes, staffs and luxury scooters that you'll enjoy motoring around in.... read more

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More About Personal Mobility Devices - ELDERLUXE:

Canopied versions and convenient baskets make these great in any weather, whether you're shopping or just enjoying an afternoon ride.

  • Elegant canes - Sure, you can carry along a plain wooden cane, or you can stand out with 14K and ebony accents, signature lady bug handles or organic bamboo. There are many stylish canes to choose from, for the lady or gentleman who likes to make a stylish statement.

  • Make getting around easy - There's no need for you to feel confined at home with personal mobility devices designed to make your life easier. Walkers and personal trolleys with attached baskets will help on shopping trips, so continue to enjoy your independence and freedom.

  • ELDERLUXE carries functional and fashionable personal mobility devices, helping seniors put an elegant touch on their self-sufficiency.

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