Boosters & Clubs by ARES

Support your school with pride with booster club shirts and spirit wear

Be true to your school - sport your colors and mascots with pride at games and at school functions.

What's Inside:

  • School spirit wear - Homecoming, important away games - it's so much fun rooting for your favorite team. Jerzees sweatshirts and Jerzees t-shirts are great quality shirts - customize them with your school colors and order in bulk, a great way to make a statement at away games!

  • Booster club shirts - Boosters and cheerleaders lead the charge in supporting school teams. Great quality Jerzees shirts are a cool way to complement your booster or cheerleading uniforms - wear them underneath on chilly days, make them the tops on warm spring days or for indoor games.

  • Band apparel - One time at band camp might be funny but we all know bands are absolutely cool. Complement your band uniform with the new and trendy American Apparel women's fit apparel that serve as great marching band t shirts for practice or under your uniforms - also a good way to keep your band clothes from getting dirty quickly!

  • School band t shirts - Choose from several all-cotton t-shirts that are easy to customize; you can even mix and match different colors to make band formations visually fun and exciting. Choose special colors for drumline shirts to make them "pop" for intense percussion solos.

  • Jerzees activewear - Hoodies are so comfortable and easy to wear. They're a great choice for school clubs and make for great school spirit wear in your choice of 17 great colors! Just customize with your team or club logo - it's so easy, you can do it right online and order dozens before your next game or club meeting. They're also a great choice for fundraising - everyone like sporting school colors!

Booster club shirts, school band t shirts - keep your school front and center by showing school pride!

Use Ares Sportswear's online designs templates to create unique garments for your group or event. Customize your design with your school's colors, team mascot and member names. Designing is simple with Ares Sportswear's design editor. Shop your way: choose a design and then a garment, or choose the garment and then pick your design. Generally, embroidery designs are used on polos and warm-ups, while screen-printing designs are often used on T-shirts, sweats and shorts with no extra setup fees for screen-printing!

NOTE: ARES is currently printing their new Booster catalog and it may not arrive for 4-6 weeks.